How To Highlight like a Pro

How To Highlight like a Pro

09.20.2013    |    
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For one of my latest collaborations with Refinery 29 I decided to tackle – for once and for all – the holy grail of skin perfecting beauty products…the highlighter. “Ever look in the mirror and feel like your skin is a bit … blah? It’s not awful, and hey there are no pimples in sight (hallelujah!), but it’s looking just a bit lackluster, tired, and why does that morning under-eye concealer neverseem to last? Well, we’ve all been there. But the thing you may not have realized is that the key to turning it all around lies in one simple product: the highlighter.

Ironically enough, it’s the one product that every girl already owns, like reader [best friend and former Glow Girl] Caitlin from NYC. She asks, “I am obsessed with my By Terry Touche Veloutée, but I’m not really sure how it should be used. Can you help?” I sure can! I consider the highlighting pen to be the holy grail of makeup, and I’ve got a number of ways to put this to work. Read on to shine.”

How to Highlight for Your Eyes
To diminish dark circles, apply a swipe under your eyes. You can also apply it all over the eyelids to create a more “open eye” effect that is especially useful when eyes are tired (when are they not?). Or, you can dab it just in the inner corners for a similar, but more subtle effect. Finally, try swiping a line above the brows to elevate the entire eye area.

How to Highlight for Your Nose
A vertical line down the center bridge of your nose will instantly create a slimming, straighter bridge effect. Extend that line up to your lower forehead, then feather it upward in a “V” shape to give your face a natural glow. You can also swipe bronzer on either side of your nose to create more definition.

How to Highlight for Your Lips
Line around your lips as well as your cupid’s bow to draw focus to your lips and make them appear fuller.

How to Highlight for Your Face 
Adding highlighter to the top of your cheekbones will help illuminate your face and create contour. You can also use it to camouflage any laugh lines, so apply where needed — and keep laughing.

My top four highlighter pens are:

By Terry Touche Veloutée, $58 – I typically use this as my go-to under eye concealer. Kim K. uses it, so as you would imagine, it gives you that airbrush flawlessness.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch, $40 – This is the classic, the all around best for instant touchups anywhere on the face.

Dolce & Gabbana The Concealer Perfect Finish Concealer, $37 – I love this especially for around the nose.

Estée Lauder Ideal Light Brush-on Illuminator, $27.50 – Love to pop this on my cupid’s bow for a little lip plumping effect.

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