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Hi, I’m Annie, founder and Editor-in-Chief of She’s In The Glow. Now in its second year, the site has grown to become the ultimate beauty and wellness destination for insiders. We cover everything from smoothie making and sheet masks to international trends and travel must-haves. At its core, She’s in the Glow explores the best of beauty, focusing on how to achieve a healthy balance between what’s natural and what’s scientific. We are interested in what makes you feel happy and glowing from the inside out. 

Arriving at this guiding purpose took time. In 2007, while working as a beauty assistant at Chanel, I noticed a growing number of natural and non-toxic products creeping into the luxury beauty space. Back then organic beauty still meant slathering Whole Foods olive oil all over your face. Organic beauty was so new and misunderstood. Now 8 years later, organic, all-natural and non-toxic beauty is an entire world of products and philosophies geared towards removing the bad chemical stuff from our routines and lifestyle habits.

But while I am a full believer in the power natural beauty, I still realize that technology has a place in our beauty regiments. Like most modern women, I don’t always have the time to live naturally. It’s not that that I wouldn’t love to spend an afternoon mixing natural oils in my bathtub. It’s more a matter of convenience and the desire for fast-acting, science-driven results, especially in the anti-aging department.

To put it simply, living naturally should feel like a guideline, not a chore.  I’ve dedicated my life to conveying this realistic approach to an organic lifestyle. So whether I’m writing on SITG — or contributing to publications like Chalkboard Magazine, Well+Good, Teen Vogue and Refinery 29 — you can rely on me to present a low maintenance, high impact and naturally-leaning routine for the modern woman.

Meet the Team

Lexi Tollefsen, Editor – This fashion and beauty obsessed Princeton University graduate has worked as Editor at She’s In The Glow for 2 years. Fate brought us together when we randomly met on a flight back to our hometown. We soon learned we had more in common than cashmere and concealer.

Madeline Wolf, Photographer – “Mads” is the sweet and talented girl behind the lens. She has long, flowing blond hair that seems to go on forever and has a keen sense for color, composition and, of course, candy-colored lipstick.

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