IMG_2897IMG_2926IMG_2927Introducing my first Glow Girl Caitlin Kelly, who is a kickass Fashion PR rockstar at New York based Alison Brod Public Relations. Inspired by Bridget Bardot, Caitlin often mimics that bombshell look, complete with bleached blond hair, black mascara and pouty nude lips. I wanted to introduce Caitlin to a new nude lip color that would easily transition into her beauty bag.

Nars Barbarella is a sheer nude lipstick that glides on oh-so-smoothly. This antioxidant packed lipcolor is reminiscent of 1960′s Bardot but its peachy, orangy huge makes it modern enough for today.

Annie: Describe your morning beauty regime during the work week, start to finish.

Caitlin: I wash my face with Obagi Foaming Gel followed by Obagi Toner. These are great products that keep the skin clear and pores tight, but it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Then I apply SkinCeuticals Phlorentin CF to my face and neck, SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex under and around my eyes and moisturize with Ayur-Medic Enhancing Cream. This cream is wonderful because it is super light and not greasy, so it won’t clog pores and keeps your skin moisturized all day.

I want to feel fresh faced at work, so for makeup, I keep it light. By Terry Touché Veloutee under my eyes, Stila HD Illuminating Beauty Balm on my face (with SPF 30-so important), pencil in my brows, add some pinky blush on my cheeks and curl my lashes.

If I have an event or a meeting, I’ll wear Dior Show Mascara and some bronzer and always make sure to pack lipgloss or lipstick in my purse. Alison is big on the gloss, especially for a meeting. I love Rodin or NARS Roman Holiday.

AA: Treatments. Do you see a facialist? If so, how often and what your appointments consist of?

CK: I see Dangene McKay Bailey and team. Dangene runs her eponymous Mecca of skin care at The Core Club.

I think the word “obsession” doesn’t even come close to the intense passion I feel for these girls and this spa. These girls have changed my skin and made it creamy and smooth.

I have super fair skin and going to college in Florida and relaxing at the pool…every single day…basically ruined it.  Dangene has taken years, literally years off of my skin. I go about twice a month in the winter months and usually skip the summer. Visits range from glycolic peels, microdermabrasion and my new favorite “wet micro” to lasers and major peels.

Each facial is different and lasts about one hour. The team will cater each treatment to you, so you aren’t getting that cookie cutter facial that you do at other spas.

WARNING: If you go once, you will never ever be able to stop. This is NOT a relaxing facial. Remember the phrase “no pain, no gain.” This costs and arm and a leg, but I cannot even begin to describe how “worth it,” this is.

AA: Who is your ultimate beauty icon or inspiration?

CK: I love Sharon Tate. She was such a fresh-faced little California bombshell. Big bright eyes and a big smile never go out of style.

AA: How do you keep your highlights looking so fresh?

CK: I am a bit insane with my hair. Since I’m not a natural blonde, I’m always trying to achieve that “baby blonde,” look with some creamy white streaks. I had a mini breakdown this winter when I noticed my hair turning into this scary “Kim Mathers,” type blonde. I immediately consulted my blonde inspiration, celebrity stylist, Annabel Tollman, for advice. Annabel was shocked that I didn’t use a water filter and told me the tap water in NYC will strip the highlights.  Annabel has been washing her hair with bottled water for years. This diva move was right up my alley, so as I anxiously awaited the delivery of my new water filter for the shower head, and started washing my hair with bottled water. Let’s just say this was super annoying, cost a ton and was enough to make me not want to wash my hair at all. Finally my lovely shower filter arrived, and even my boyfriend noticed a change in his skin. You’re truly not a die-hard blonde unless you have one. I also wash with Clairol Shimmer Lights, which is a purple shampoo once a week to take out any brassy tones.

AA: Alison Brod represents many beauty clients such as By Terry, Erno Laszlo, Skinceuticals and DryBar, are there any beauty tips or products that you were introduced to at work?

CK: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo saves the day at least three times a week. Ill also use this when I’m in need of some highlights, it brightens me right up.

AA: Regular manicure or shellac?

CK: Regular always. I rotate between Essie’s Luxedo, Geranium, Gucci Mucci Pucci or OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark.

AA: What are your top beauty rules? What did you live by?

CK: Three liters of water a day, moisturizer every morning and night and eight hours of sleep are my ultimate essentials. Taking supplements helps too. I love fish oil and take a women’s multi vitamin every day.

AA: Living in New York and working in fashion can be pretty intense…sometimes I feel like there’s never enough time and I’m constantly on the go. What are your instant tips for looking and feeling fresh and fabulous?

CK: So basically, I have two days to undo any damage from parties or a stressful week and look my best? Easy…here you go.

1. Get a Glow: Sometimes I think a spray tan can solve just about any problem. It just gives you that healthy glow that instantly makes you look well rested and well, hotter. I go to Abby Feller’s Bake Spray Tan. You can go to her or she can come to you and set up a tent in you apartment!  I’m not talking a cheesy orange “reality tv” tan, this is just a subtle glow.To maintain the tan, I purchased her Glow on The Go spray formula. This sprays on as light as an Evian mister and will give you such a natural sun kissed look.

2. Brighten The Eyes: I haven’t taken the popular eyelash extension plunge as I am already high-maintenance enough and don’t think I have time for another addiction…but I do love to get my lashes dyed. Finish this off by using Rohto eyedrops.  They feel like liquid fireballs, but work. Trust me.

3. Quick Detox: I stumbled upon Bikram yoga, literally stumbled, in October after a Soul Cycle class. I’m a pretty hardcore workout girl and I figured how hard can hot yoga be? Well, after 1.5 hours of 110 degree heat and nearly fainting, I was traumatized and immediately hooked at the same time. I instantly lose water weight and feel slimmer and mentally Zen right after class. This class can counter act any Korean BBQ binge, Cinco de Mayo fiesta, birthday party extravaganza and more. Quick trick- put a deep conditioner in your hair before class. The heat will kick the mask into full gear and you leave with baby hair. *Please note – do Birkam BEFORE you get the spray tan…of course.

4. Drink Green Juice: Even doing a cleanse for one or two days will make you feel better.

5. Headstand: There are about a billion and one benefits to this posture, but my favorite is that it flushes fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face, creating a glowing effect on the skin. It also rushes blood out of your legs and feet and makes them look slimmer. I try to do one every day.


  1. catherine littlefield WROTE THIS 7:35 pm 03/18/2013
    -"Love this! Caitlin, what water filter are you using? Clearly buying one asap!!! x"
    • Caitlin Kelly WROTE THIS 8:42 pm 03/18/2013
      -"Hi Catherine! Oh, it will change your life. I bought mine on but Sephora also sells one."
  2. Soraya WROTE THIS 11:45 pm 03/18/2013
    -"Loved reading it! Please do more interviews like these. I love Caitlin, she's dating my cousin Teymour! xxx"
  3. Tom Atkinson WROTE THIS 3:29 pm 03/19/2013
    -"This qualifies as good literature in the world of beauty. Keep up with the head stands Caitlin! You and Annie both have the glow."
  4. Veronique Munro WROTE THIS 1:25 am 03/20/2013
    -"LOVE that you are a fan of our Infinity sun Glow on the Go TM :-)"
  5. Jacqueline WROTE THIS 12:28 am 03/22/2013
    -"Fabulous entry- Caitlin, what is your favorite brand of deep conditioner or hair mask? My hair is colored and so incredibly dry. Merci!"
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  7. Kate WROTE THIS 4:27 am 04/08/2013
    -"this interview is everything!"
  8. bridget WROTE THIS 6:51 pm 04/10/2013
    -"uhmm this girl is so cool. seriously obsessed with her. i literally only wear those same nail colors. do others exist?!"
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  10. Taylor WROTE THIS 7:01 pm 06/24/2013
    -"Life-changing post on this gorgeous, chic, cute, thin as a rail, and hilarious dream girl. Love everything about this especially "They feel like liquid fireballs, but work. Trust me." and "*Please note – do Birkam BEFORE you get the spray tan…of course." CLASSIC. And helpful!!! As a result of this post, literally everyone I know, including me, is getting an a shower filter. Brilliant!"
    • annie WROTE THIS 11:25 pm 06/26/2013
      -"Oh T. How I miss your pretty face!!"
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