This is How I Made My Brows Fuller before My Wedding

This is How I Made My Brows Fuller before My Wedding

09.26.2016    |    
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It’s honestly not that hard to grow out your brows. They key here is patience my friends, good old fashioned time and patience. Unfortunately, I only started the regrowth process 6 weeks before my wedding, but given more time, I know the results could have been even better. This is what you need to know.


Stop tweezing, trimming, plucking, prodding, waxing and threading for 1-3 months (minimum) before the big day. I don’t care who you are or the state of your brows, you will be shocked to see that you will start growing hairs in places where you never thought they would grow, simply because you left your brows alone. Now it’s going to look a little funny, but keep the brows in check with a little clear brow gel or even concealer to cover up random hairs. You want to wait at least 8 weeks before even touching them in order for your true brow shape appear. Also, tweezing anywhere near the brows stimulates the hair growth cycle, which is why waiting allows time for all the hair to get on the same cycle.


Use a brow growth serum…religiously. I used Plume, which is actually for the lashes and the brows, but I just used on my brows. What I like about it is that it’s natural and actually works! I have significantly less hair on one of my brows, so I really focused on this smaller patch of area. I used the serum every morning and night and I could see the magic happening by week 3. It was glorious. I actually just ran out, so now I’ve started using Grande Brow which I’ve heard is amazing.

Step 3 USE A GEL

After eight weeks or so, you can begin to strategically clean up your browns with tweezers. Only remove hairs that are closer to your eyes, or like why above the brow, rather than hair close to your brows. Your brows are still deep in the regrowth process at this time, so it’s important you refrain from going overboard with tweezing. In the meantime, to help blend and thicken the brows, try tinting them. Also, nothing does the trick quite like a good brow pencil or gel. I use Glossier Boy Brow and Hourglass.


Around month 2-3, find a professional who you REALLY trust to clean up your brows. Again, don’t have them go anywhere near the thick shape that you have worked so hard to create. Just have them clean things up a bit. I swear by Nicky Cayot in NYC who I have been seeing for the past 3 years.

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