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Meet Christina Zilber, Founder and Creative Director behind Jouer, mom of two, philanthropist and former model. She’s not only got the beauty, but the brains to create a brand that has generated quite the cult following – and practically everyone I know is buzzing over. I was first introduced to Jouer by my friend Caitlin who recommended their Essential Lip Enhancer. That is all it took – I was hooked! I have already raved about their perfect nude lip liner…but there is so much more. The line of key essential products is, “chic, simple and designed to be the perfect fit for anytime and any occasion.” I sat down with Christina in her hotel room at the St. Regis to get the inside scoop on Jouer and this truly glowing (inside and out) beauty babe.

Annie: Jouer means, “to play” in French. What is the message and philosophy behind your brand?

Christina: My philosophy is that makeup should be fun and easy!  I wanted to create a line of effortless, portable products you could combine to create customized palettes.  All of our makeup has skin care benefits and combines my love of style and beauty.

AA: What did you feel was lacking from the beauty industry that led you to creating Jouer? What it is about Jouer that sets you apart from the rest?

CZ: Sometimes the simplest ideas aren’t represented in the market. I found my niche when I kept trying to find a makeup palette with a concealer inside; simple but impossible to find. I wanted to carry a palette with what I wanted, no more, no less. The idea of real customization is at the heart of the line and it doesn’t exist anywhere else. There are a slew of makeup artist lines, but I approach beauty a little differently than a professional artist. I’m technique challenged and abhor sitting at a makeup counter so I can relate to what women really want with their makeup.

AA: You have the most luminous and glowing skin, which I am obsessed with. What do you think accounts for your radiant complexion? What are your instant/ quick tips for looking and feeling your best?

CZ: Four words – Jouer Luminzing Moisture Tint!  It’s my desert island product.  I have about 3 minutes to get ready in the morning before dropping my kids at school and going to the office.  I always throw on my Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, dot some concealer under my eyes, dab on some blush, curl my lashes, add mascara and Essential Lip Enhancer and get out the door. It makes your skin look like perfection and gives you that gorgeous, natural glow. Simple!

AA: Who is your ultimate beauty icon or inspiration?  

CZ: Audrey Hepburn is my hero and role model – an inspiring beauty and philanthropist.

AA: Treatments. Do you see a facialist or a dermatologist? If so, who, how often and what do your appointments consist of?

CZ: I’m way overdue for a facial, but enjoy receiving them every season to refresh my skin.  I recently started using Intraceuticals for my at-home regimen and am loving the results. My number one skincare treatment is SPF! Protecting your skin from the sun gives you results no dermatologist or esthetician ever can.

AA: Your hair is off the charts beautiful. Where do you get your hair colored?  

CZ: All of the credit goes to Johnathan Gale at John Freida.  I’ve been seeing him for years – he is a miracle worker!

AA: Day makeup vs. night makeup. What products do you use?

CZ: Day or night, I always keep my makeup simple and natural.  For day: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, Jouer Age-Repairing Concealer in 3.5, Jouer Mineral Powder Blush in Bougainvillea, mascara and Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Bare Rose.  At night I’ll make it a bit more dramatic with a bolder lip or a more defined eye.  Lately I’ve been wearing Jouer Crème Eyeshadow Crayon in Renaissance – a gorgeous plum color perfect for evening.

AA: You live in LA, Mecca of all things healthy and organic. What are you thoughts on green juice and cleansing? Do you juice or cleanse on a regular basis? Tell me a little about your diet and how you feel its affects you inside and out. 

CZ: I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I am realistic with my diet (and for me, juice cleanses are not that).  I never deny myself what I’m craving.  If I want desert or an extra glass of wine at dinner, I will have it, but just make a healthier choice for my entree.  I am always on-the-go so I keep snacks on-hand (raw almonds, Balance & Zone bars, etc.).  I believe in eating every couple of hours to keep my energy up, and I try to never let myself feel hungry.

AA: Regular manicure or shellac/ gel? 

CZ: Regular. In the effort of time, I often give myself manicures.

AA: What are your top beauty rules? What do you live by?

CZ: Beauty is a reflection of your attitude, actions, and spirit. I find when someone is generous with a smile they are beautiful. As for makeup, less is more!  It should never overpower, but enhance one’s natural beauty and self-image simply.

AA: What is your fitness routine? 

CZ: I find yoga incredibly rewarding for both my body and mind.  I practice 3 – 4 times per week.

AA: Drugstore beauty. Do you have any favorite products?

CZ: Neutrogena Makeup-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes perfect for travel and refreshing in-flight.  I always carry Aquaphor in my purse.  It’s a true multi-takser – can be used on lips, cuticles and in a pinch as eye makeup remover.

AA: Other than Jouer, is there anything else that you simply cant live without?  

CZ: My two beautiful children!  They inspire me every day!

Checkouk Christina’s chic Repossi bracelets from Paris Place Vendome, with her children’s names written in diamonds. I need these. Immediately.

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