In Case of Vacation #FOMO, Keep This Fragrance On Your Desk At All Times
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In Case of Vacation #FOMO, Keep This Fragrance On Your Desk At All Times

04.05.2016    |    
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There is no quicker way to be hit by a spell of vacation #fomo than a trip down Instagram lane. You know the feeling. You are sitting at your desk, wrapped up in an oversized, pilling sweater because they’ve got the AC set to 40 degrees at the office. You’ve got some sad generic salad in front of you, stabbed by a white plastic fork and a Soulcycle class (have you seen my NYC fitness and instructor guide?) later that night that you’ve been dreading all day long.

But girl, don’t torture yourself. You’ve got to snap out of it! Here’s what you need to do. Order a bottle of ESCADA’s newly released Agua Del Sol, and leave it on your desk, right within hands reach. It’s warm, energetic and fruity but like in the best possible way. One spritz and it’s like the warmth of summer sun instantly hits your back and turns that cold deli coffee right into a tropical drink. Feel energized yet? Oh, that’s the just the pink peppercorns doing their thing, they evoke our energy levels. Nostolgia hits in as the lingering zests of Italian citrus fruits, ice raspberry sorbet and pear granita swirl around your seat.

ESCADA Agua Del Sol marks the 24th incarnation of ESCADA’s ever popular limited edition summer fragrances, so get your hands on one fast, before #fomo gets the best of you. Seriously.

Image: Jessica Hart by Vogue

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