14 Beauty Resolutions For Your Best Year Yet
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14 Beauty Resolutions For Your Best Year Yet

01.14.2016    |    
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Every January, I like to write down my beauty and wellness resolutions to keep me centered in the year ahead. My resolutions can be anything, from vowing to use more hand cream to making time for meditation every morning. This year I’m taking a new approach. Instead of leading with external wishes, I’m challenging myself to focus even on inner beauty. Here at She’s in the Glow, radiance starts inside, so I’m making 2016 the year of happiness and self-care. What does this look like in the day-to-day, you ask? I’ll be making little changes with big impact in my routine. Now is the time to really go after my goals, not tomorrow, but today. No more wishing, waiting or postponing. It’s time to make things happen. If you’re looking to make a few beauty resolutions of your own, get inspired by a few ideas below. Can’t choose? Turn them into a checklist and challenge yourself to master one each month.

1. Meditate. I started at 10 minutes a day (try helpful technique to get started), but I am trying to work up to 15 minutes a day. I am also trying to be more consistent. Headspace is the best app for novices and experts alike. Just throw on your headphones (the Bose noise canceling ear buds are the best) and do it.

2. Get a facial every once every one or three months. Better skin = less makeup. Don’t have a facialist? Here are some of my favorites: Mzia Shiman (New York) Negin Niknejad (New York) Ildi Pekar (New York) Alexandra Soveral (London) Mad Beauty (LA)

3. Master the “no make-up” look like this or this.

4. Invest in at least one must-have beauty product. These are my favorites of the moment.

5. Pay attention to your hands (here and here too!). 6. Master your brows like Cindy Crawford or Erika Bearman.

7. Use SPF every time you’re in the sun.

8. Skip your next laser appointment and get rid of unwanted hairs at home. Try using Iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction. It’s an insanely good investment. Trust me.

9. Use a facial essence at least once (if not twice) a day. My favorites are definitely the SK-II Facial Essence (AM and AM) and SK-II Mid-Day Essence (for on-the-go freshness). Used by just about every professional makeup artist out there and Cate Blachett, this baby is the key to hydrated skin around the clock. This is for sure one of my skincare secrets.

10. Spice up your next drunk brunch and take better selfies with this.

11. Stick to a workout schedule. This is what I’ll doing and my weekly goal is 4 Barre3 classes, 1 yoga class and 1 day of cardio a week.

12. Give dry-brushing a try to encourage detoxification, smooth skin and lymphatic drainage.

13. Organize your life. Start by reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

14. Drink 8 Glasses of water a day for glowing skin. Download this app to give yourself daily reminders.

Be sure to keep me in the loop! Let me know how things go and how I can help. You got this, girls.

Images from my most recent trip to Miraval Resorts in Arizona.

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