Cult Beauty: The 8 Products that every editor swears by
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Cult Beauty: The 8 Products that every editor swears by

10.14.2015    |    
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How does a beauty product reach cult status? A celebrity following, a buzz among beauty editors, approval from backstage professionals, endorsement from the It-Girl set? Perhaps it’s stunning packaging or an unusual ingredient. While it’s hard to tell what truly makes a product ecru such a following, one thing is for sure—you want it. Desperately. It’s the first thing on your Christmas list and it’s the one thing you’ll use until the very last drop.

Culty-cool products are so thrilling because they give us a taste of where the beauty industry is going. The cult sphere is especially exciting right now, as it reflects major changing happening in the beauty world. We’re starting to focus on skincare rather than elaborate makeup routines that hide our natural look. Companies are cutting back on color and investing in broadening their skincare categories and even fusing skincare with beauty, allowing women to protect and conceal simultaneously.

This new beauty space is all about science meeting nature, a concept that conveniently aligns with the She’s in the Glow mantra. So as you gear up for fall, take the time to explore some of beauty’s hottest new game changers. Try this heavenly cleanser from the London facialist that’s so good you can’t get an appointment with her. Fall in love with the new fragrance that works with your natural pheromones to create an individual scent. Improve your legs with creams that reduce puffiness and cellulite. Sleep better. Check out the list below to discover the new generation in culty-cool beauty.

Pixi Glow Tonic – You can buy this baby at Target, so the price point is amazing.  Formulated with aloe vera, ginseng and a touch of glycolic aid, the toner gets rid of impurities and leaves you looking glowy.  I use it right after washing my face to get rid of anything that I might have missed while cleansing. It comes in travel sizes too, which is super convenient.

Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade – Coming from one of London’s most popular facialists, this balm-like cleanser works wonders. It gently melts into your skin, removing all impurities in its path. The actual jar is ceramic which makes the whole experience totally luxurious. It’s also adored by Jessica Richards of Shen Beauty, Gucci Westman and NY Mag’s The Cut.

Ellis Brooklyn Body Milk – This brand new line from New York Times columnist Bee Shapiro is basically everything: natural, local, sustainable, Paraben and Phthalates free and completely luxe. It comes in three scents and is formulated by award winning perfumer, Jerome Epinette. What more could you ask for in a body treatment?

Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 – This scent will make everyone ask what you’re wearing. Developed by rising star of the perfume world Geza Shoen, Molecule 01 smells different on everyone, and has become an expert favorite that gives the unique quality of a bespoke fragrance.

de Mamiel Altitude Oil – The ultimate must-have for frequent flyers and commuters alike, this impressive essential oil boasts a blend of antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties that eases your mind and immune system. In other words, it can be used to prevent oncoming colds and sickness. Sign me up.

Fountain Glow Molecule – This line of daily supplements cleanse, clear and correct your skin, hair and body from the inside out. Try the Hair Molecule, the Happy Molecule or even the Hyaluronic Molecule for results that literally start in a week. I used the hair molecule and noticed my lashes getting longer in a matter of days. CRAZY! I keep the bottles in my kitchen right by my teapot.

Legology Air-Lite – This gives you better looking legs, period. Described as “sheer lingerie for legs,” Legology Air-Lite’s Sun Lite cream gives you a natural-looking sun-kissed glow, while hydrating your skin and evening out its overall tone. Lightly tinted and packed with reflective pigments, this wash-off treatment is formulated for a contouring and highlight effect, and is scented with the label’s signature island-inspired Capri Crush fragrance. Yum.

This Works Deep Pillow Spray – A good night sleep is the first step in any effective beauty routine. This bestselling pillow spray is blended with soothing natural essential oils to calm the mind. Lavender works to prepare you for a restful slumber. You’ll be getting serious ZZZs in no time.

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  • I’m absolutely obsessed with Amanda Lacey’s products at the moment as well! They are so good and I feel like they’re doing my skin a favor when using 🙂

    xx, Corinne

    • anabel_atkinson

      You and me both! I love all Amanda Lacey products. Have you tried the illuminating eye gel? If you haven’t, you need to get your hands on that now. I love how it brightens my eyes instantly!

  • CindyBouchard

    You must check out Gleam by Melanie Mills!

    • anabel_atkinson

      Thank you so much for the recommendation. I will look into this product and give it a test run. I love to hear recommendations from my readers, so thank you. xoxo

  • Grace Chang

    I love my Ellis Brooklyn body milk. Smells amazing!

    • anabel_atkinson

      Doesn’t it? I love to slather this before I go to bed and I just love how the scent lingers onto the sheets for days.

      • Grace Chang

        Good call! I’ll have to add it to my nighttime regimen too.

  • These products all look amazing. Gonna have to spend some money this month 🙂

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier

    • anabel_atkinson

      So glad you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. And yes, you do. Better yet, just add them onto your Christmas list! Honestly, each product is worth the splurge. They’re that GREAT!

  • Didi

    Hi. All of your “Shop Item” links are broken. There is nothing there except for a blank page. 🙁

    • anabel_atkinson

      I’m sorry to hear that. But I just checked all the links for “Shop the Story” and all links work properly. Try it again, if it doesn’t work I will let the technician know. But as of now, everything works fine either through a laptop or mobile.

  • Lysis Vennin

    Products look amazing x

    • anabel_atkinson

      Thank you!

  • Amélie

    Hi. Do you know where i can buy fountain supplements in a store and not online ? Thx. Great post ! xx

    • anabel_atkinson

      Some Urban Outfitters and Target stores sell Fountain, but not all of them. I would call your nearest store to see if they have them in stock. If not, try asking them if they can ship it from another store and do store pick-up. I hope this helps.

  • Lilly Cook

    Great post! Thank you for sharing. I love all things Target so, yes I will be picking up that Pixi Glow Tonic.

    • anabel_atkinson

      A drugstore brand that delivers high-end brand results. No wonder editors rave about this product.

  • Vavv. Really useful info. Thanks a lot.

    • anabel_atkinson

      You are so welcome! I am so glad that you liked this article! xx

  • Bon Tay

    LOVE my Raven Ellis Brooklyn Body Milk! It’s such a beautiful fragrant body lotion! It’s like that subtle perfume I’ve been looking for that lingers. Noted how you put it on at night and your sheets smell yummy for days; going to start doing that too. 🙂 My husband said he loves catching this scent in the air or on my jacket in the closet as a little reminder of me. Love how nourishing and milky smooth it is too. A perfect 2 in 1 combo.

  • elisabetta

    Once again another great SITG post! You have educated me so much on the best products, best techniques! Could you do a drugstore glow guide for us poor people? Many thanks!

    • anabel_atkinson

      This is a great idea. I am going to work on this. Thank you for inspiring me!