WTF is a Medical Pedicure and Why Doesn’t it Exist in the US?

WTF is a Medical Pedicure and Why Doesn’t it Exist in the US?

03.19.2017    |    
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OK, so the manicure pedicure situation is quite different over here in Switzerland.

When I was living in New York, I was right in the heart of one of the most innovative nail art and design scenes globally. (Next to Asia, of course — they rule the market.) I would go in weekly for my nails, and it was no big deal. I had my super cheap place, my really nice yet still not too expensive place, and then I had Naomi, who I owe for creating some of my more adventurous nails. She was also the genius behind my wedding nails, a creamy white ombre with super fine pale pink glitter in the middle. I had it all within blocks from my apartment. Every appointment was fast, efficient and super high quality.

Enter the Swiss mani pedi, where the appointment can take up to two hours (like who wants to deal with that!) and the cost is through the roof (a regular manicure is $100, just to give you an idea.) WTF, right:! Don’t even get me started on the cost of getting gel (which I have been known to get). Now I realize why perfect nails are such an American thing.

But then I was let in on the Euro secret…medical pedicures. They are kind of the best thing ever. I had my first ever medical pedicure when I was in Berlin the other week and now I am fully addicted. It’s apparently what all the girls do in the winter months to keep their feet healthy and clean, so that come spring, their feet look brand spankin’ new.

This is what you need to know:

The medical pedicure isn’t about the polish color or design. It’s about the health of the foot and nail. (Do you suffer from corns, calluses, bunions and other toe woes? Did you spend your 20’s punishing your feet in sky high heels, like I did? Yeah, so this is for you. ) You have to be trained and have a special license to even give these type of treatments, because of the high level of sanitation and innovation involved. If you have a serious foot issue, these people are trained to take care of it. The goal is healthy feet, so healthy in fact, you don’t even need polish. Say what?! I have been rocking the no polish thing and I have to say, it’s really chic.

This is how my first medical pedicure went:

I started with a foot bath (lol, that term) to cleanse and relax my muscles. Then my feet and nails were sterilized even more with these bacteria cleansing wipes. The toenails were cut short and straight to minimize the chance of getting ingrown nails. The nails were buffed and filed using a glass file, which is a crystal technology that doesn’t cause damage or tearing.

Next up was a series of these vibrating nail files, all in different sizes that she used to buff my WHOLE FOOT. From the back of the ankles where my feet are always in bad shape, to all the little toes and cuticles, all of the dead skin was completely removed. This was my favorite part. Next she applied oil and pushed back and cut all the cuticles. She filed again all the calluses and imperfections. Last I received a really bada** foot massage.

All I can say is that my feet have never looked better. So these days, I am all about keeping my feet super healthy and polish-free. If only now I could find a solution for my nails….any ideas?

This is who I would recommend here in Zurich, Lisel Lang Kosmetik.

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