Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials

07.24.2013    |    
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With all of the traveling I have done lately, I have really forced myself to master the art of defining my beauty essentials. Travel – while as fabulous and amazing as it might be – can get quite stressful, especially if you are packing for multiple climates or locations. You certainly don’t want to stress yourself out by over-packing and bringing an unnecessary amount of beauty products that literally weigh down your bag and maybe even push you over that 50 lb limit. Regardless of where you are going, your beauty routine should generally follow the same formula to keep your skin looking consistently gorgeous. But, you obviously you need to do a little tweaking, preparing for the hot and cold, day and night.

Totally inspired by the various spots I’ve visited, I decided that I wanted to define my summer makeup essentials – for the day – those products that I wouldn’t dare leave home without. OK, so maybe this isn’t the most edited list…but these are the products that I am
currently coveting, obsessing over, and all around LOVING.

These are the items that I would loose my mind if I realized midway to the airport that I left something at home. Some people flip over leaving their swimsuit, I freak over concealer.

For the day (I will get to night next week):

1. The Cream – Talk about dual-purpose perfection! And what better time to use products that serve multiple purposes than vaca? I am talking about Natura Bisse’s Cure Cream. Inspired by French friend Nadia, I tested the wondrous cream, and was sold. This cream isn’t the ordinary white color…it is a warm cappuccinoy color that adjusts to your skin’s natural tone. It gives you that dewy glow that is so addicting. One color matches all. It’s like a BB but better. In fact it doesn’t even compare, packed with sunscreen and all. This age-reverser is all you need, so forget your foundation or BB. This provides perfect coverage and color and radiance!

2. The Illuminator – So, after my skincare routine, I wait a few minutes to let everything set in my skin. Then I skip right onto Estee Lauder’s Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator, which I blend all over my face. This is pure magic.

3. The Concealer – I apply RMS “Un” Cover-Up under my eyes and around the corners of my nose. Its super small, so this fits in my small Celine during the day and is perfect for mid-day touchups.

4. The Brightener – I use Benefit’s Eye Bright to draw a light line down the center of my nose, a small “V” in between my eyes blending upward into my forehead, on my cupid’s brow, and on the lower outer corners of my eyes.

5. The Glow – I dot RMS Living Luminizer down my nose, apply outside my eyes and on my cupids brow. I will also apply on my collarbones. RMS is my fav these days, duh.

6. The Cheeks – I whip up a cocktail of whichever cream blush that I am current feeling that moment, Becca’s Beach Tint in Lychee, Kevyn Aucoin’s Liquifuchia, Josie Maran’s Argan Blush in Pink or Tom Ford’s version. Becca’s is actually best for the day, because it goes on more like a powder, and is excellent for the beach, sun or sweat.

7. The Powder – I usually skip anything mattifying, but if you need it, try Hourglass Ambient Powder. Its quite lovely.

8. The Eyes – To add some drama to my eyes, I go with Dior’s Phenomen Eyes “ball” mascara. I also love the classic Dior Show – obviously.

9. The Brow – I ever so lightly brush my eyebrows with Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor and then add a touch of Nars Brow Gel to hold everything in place. Both are fail proof and oh so easy to apply.

10. The Lip – I’m loving Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Stick. Its big enough that it extends to the outer edges of your lips, and talk about major multi functioning. This Argan Oil can literally be applied everywhere. On top, I will pop on a dap of cream blush (hence the dualness!) mixed with Fresh’s new Sugar Shine Lip Gloss.

11. The Chest – Lastly, I take my Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil (this is the most amazing tinted oil…EVER) and rub all over the chest, shoulders are arms, and sometimes a little on the ends of my hair. This gives you that gleamy, sexy look, plus it enhances your bones, making you appear leaner. Bonus! The smell is to die for, I live for it. Perfect for a sexy summer holiday look.

Bon Voyage!

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