The Nude Makeup Moment

The Nude Makeup Moment

01.21.2014    |    
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Have you read the latest Bazaar, the one with Daria Werbory on the cover?! From the cover look all the way through to page 46, there is one main common denominator…. a NUDE LIP.  Not kidding, I’m talking 46 pages of nude lips. That’s quite insane, no?

So THEN I was perusing’s coverage of the Spring Couture shows and I noticed there it was again, that nude pout at Dior, Versace, Chanel and Giambattista Valli. Clearly, this Bridget Bardot, very 60’s moment deserves some attention.

Interestingly enough, I just ran two separate stories (‘My “No Makeup” Makeup Routine,’ and ‘I want to look like Diane Kruger in Winter Park’) that emphasize the ‘non-lip’ lip. You get the point. This quiet yet powerful trend is literally everywhere.

The thing is, you would think the nude lip would be something easy enough for even a beauty novice to achieve, but it can actually go very wrong, very fast. Most lips are not even naturally nude. They are shades of beige and berry and when mixed with the wrong color, they can look drab or like some sort of foundation mistake. Or what if you go too white, and its like this cakey dry situation? The horror.

Jeanine Lobell, superstar make-up artist and founder of Stila Cosmetics, sums it up perfectly: “Think of nude lipstick the same way you’d think about your foundation. To get the right color, consider your skin color, hair color, even eye color. For someone with a fairer complexion, (like me!) a nude that’s too beige-y will appear yellow; instead, pick a pale pink family. For medium tones, I would use a deeper beige to rose nude. If you want the truest shade of the lipstick to shine through, neutralize your own lip color first by applying a tinted moisturizer or foundation.”

So how do you pull off this effortlessly chic, totally of-the-moment look? Start with the lip liner. Go back to basics (with one of my favorite tricks) and line the outside edges of the mouth with a nude liner.  This will give your lips a natural looking boost. Try out my favorite universally flattering colors like Revlon Lip Liner in Nude and Jouer Lip Definer in Nude. Read more on the how-to here. Next, apply the lipstick. I have experimented with many lipsticks and glosses, but these are by far the ones you need to buy, immediately to take part in this Nude Moment.

Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude, $48: This is the perfect pale-pink. Almost white-ish, this super MOD, creamy formula is very opaque so you only need to apply a little bit. Very concentrated but very chic.

Tom Ford Lip Color in Spanish Pink, $48: This is the perfect flesh colored tone with just the hint of pink. Not as opaque at the Blush Nude and warmer. Very rich.

Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude, $22: You can’t go wrong with Lipstick Queen! This pale pink works on most skin tones and isn’t a loud nude. It’s super mellow a bit sheer, so it’s perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to dive head first into the nude trend right away.

Mac Myth, $15: This light neutral is classic. It’s one of Mac’s best sellers for a reason! Even A Formula Blog (one of my Swedish faves) recommends this.

Rouge Dior Nude Lip in Charnelle, $34: This creamy, warm, pinky-rose is sheer so you can really layer it on. It’s slightly brighter than your natural lip so it doesn’t blend into your skin color.

,$8 (lighter skin) or Nars Lipliner Pencil in Morocco, $22 (darker skin): These can both be used to enhance the lips by lining the outside or to fill in the entire lip. I’m obsessed. They create a perfect blend between your lips and your skin color.

Jouer Lip Definer Nude, $20: Another liner that serves dual purpose. You just need it. Even Gwyneth is obsessed.

Butter London Nutter Lippy Tinted Balm, $20: My editor absolutely loves this shade. It’s not too strong and has the sleekest matte finish if you’re looking for something subtle. It also looks gorgeous with a pinker gloss layered on the top.

Want to go over the top?! Get ready…match you lip to your nails using one of my FAV nude nail polishes, Butter London Tea with the Queen. BOOM.

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