How to brush your hair
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How to brush your hair

12.08.2014    |    
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It kind of goes without saying that you shouldn’t treat your hair the same when it’s wet and when it’s dry. The texture and elasticity of your hair varies depending on the amount of water it contains, so brushing it incorrectly causes severe damage – and who wants that? The brand spanking new Laight & Mercer changes the way we brush our hair by offering two brush options – a Hairbrush for Wet Hair and a Hairbrush for Dry Hair. Pure genius! 

The Hairbrush for Wet Hair features these special Intelliflex (or extremely flexible) bristles specifically formulated to untangle all hair types without causing damage. The bristles are flexible enough to glide through wet hair (water causes the hair shaft to swell, making it more susceptible to damage) without snapping the hair cuticle and causing split ends. Hell yes.

The Hairbrush for Dry Hair features Mongolian Boar and nylon bristles (which I already know is the perfect brush bristle combo) for dry hair that’s in-between cleansing. This brush leaves your hair silky smooth and, more importantly, healthy.

Looks like we really need them both.

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