I heard you wanted fluoride-free toothpaste

I heard you wanted fluoride-free toothpaste

06.12.2017    |    
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While I have been blessed with no-cavity teeth, (which is a miracle considering that I straight up love sugar), I have gums that aren’t so perfect. While they look totally healthy and normal on the outside, I have a bit of a plaque problem on the inside. Yikes. It doesn’t take a genius to know why – I hate flossing. In fact, on most evenings I avoid this extra step that my dentist has been begging me to do for years all together.

Well, I have decided to come up with a plan to get a healthier smile. Why now? Well, it all started when my friend Anna turned me on to the best fluoride-free toothpaste. It’s from Germany (but you can easily buy it here on Amazon). I had been looking for a way out of the toxicity of the Colgates and the Crests, and this was my ticket. Ajona Stomatikum Toothpaste is very concentrated, so you legit only use a pea size amount and it lathers right up. It leaves me with the cleanest and freshest sensation and the taste doesn’t have the typical sweetness that all the American toothpastes have. It’s bitter with a hint of licorice. I started Henry on it and I noticed right away that his breath was better than ever before. It’s also perfect for travel and yes, even the travel size will last you forever.

Now, in order to really combat my floss-a-phobia and upon trusted recommendation from Jessica at Shen Beauty (have you read her Glow Girl?), I gave Cocofloss a shot. This coconut-oil-infused super-cleansing dental floss is designed to scrub your pearly whites refreshingly clean. It comes in a variety of artisan flavors like fresh coconut, pure strawberries and cara cara orange that actually make flossing kinda fun. The taste is more of a light aroma but not in an overpowering way, more like, “hmm I like this smell,” and are the perfect way to end the day and even curb late night cravings. This floss works differently in between the teeth too. They don’t glide as easily as typical floss but instead are a bit more course insuring that more plaque is picked up along the way. I guess we can add floss to the everlasting list of things coconut oil can do.

Go try it now!

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