The Best Brow Sculptor

The Best Brow Sculptor

06.19.2013    |    
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Never underestimate the power of “the brow.” So I don’t know if you are aware, but your eyebrows can literally make or break your face. They define your features and frame your face. Eyebrows are Just. So. Major. Think Audrey Hepburn. She had the best brows ever. Or Natalia Vadianova. Jennifer Connelly. Those brows. Seen as a major trend on both spring and fall runways, eyebrows are making a serious comeback.

One of my favorite tricks is taking my handy Elnett Hairspray and spraying it on one of those mascara wands and brushing it through the hair.  This way, you can place the hair without a scary commitment. Maybelline Clear Brow Gel is also one of the best drugstore beauty buys, because it holds the brows in place, without any evidence. Don’t worry if your brows don’t look exactly symmetrical, because they never will – that’s normal.

Tom Ford agrees with me, believing that the brow is one of the most important elements of the face, so it is no surprise to see that he has created a lovely multitasking eyebrow tool. Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor is much more than your typical brow brush. The formula, which comes in four colors (I use taupe), is on the waxier end of the spectrum so it adheres to your hairs. I love the slanted ‘calligraphy’ tip, which allows me to create thin strokes for the tail of my brows and wide, soft strokes for the front of my brows. The spoolie, attached to the brush, is just soft enough to blend the color without taking it away and the sharpener (also built in!) makes the entire process super convenient. Remember to follow the natural shape of your brow and apply the color on your actual hairs – not your skin.

Speaking of shape, take a look at what you have going on. Are you happy with the way that your brows looks? Maybe its time to seek the help of the professional to get you started? I certainly don’t feel that its necessary to get your brows waxed, plucked or threaded on a regular basis, but as a one-time procedure, it can be quite helpful. My sister had her eyebrows threaded at Harrods in London once, and that was all it took. The experience was life changing, because this gave her a template to follow from there on out.

Back to Tom Ford…So at $42 I know what you are thinking…“Why spend money on something so simple as an eyebrow brush?” But this is worth it. This pencil will change your life – or at the very least, the shape, texture and overall dimension of your brows therefore enhancing your overall image.

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