Your Vitamins Just Got a Major Makeover

Your Vitamins Just Got a Major Makeover

08.16.2017    |    
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My biggest problem with vitamins is figuring out which ones to take. There is just SO much out there. Walk down any vitamin aisle and your head starts spinning. And once you find one that looks okay, it’s tough to understand what’s actually in there. Inside many vitamins hide ingredients that you would never knowingly ingest.

Also…Where do the ingredients come from? How many should I actually take? How’s it going to impact my body? So many questions.

Luckily, the vitamin market is getting better. There are a few things I’ve discovered recently that make finding (and remembering to take) the right vitamins a little easier.

For starters, Goop recently launched a really cool subscription service that delivers your daily dose right to your door. A fresh supply of your regime will arrive every four weeks, so you’ll never run out. There are four doctor-defined regiments to choose from. They cover four acute needs as well as covering all the basics. For example, you can try “Why am I so effing tired?” (for energy) or “High School Genes” (for metabolism) The best part? They’re formulated with super-duper tested raw ingredients. You can trust that these vitamins were sourced from the highest quality ingredients, and underwent rigorous testing to ensure their purity and potency.

Next up: Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Skin Food. This amazing product promotes anti-aging and skin health. The hallmark ingredient is a mixture of a “fountain of youth” compound Purslane, which is also in all her skincare products. Purslane is clinically acclaimed for its remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and nutritive properties. It also activates the “fountain of youth enzyme” Telomerase and contributes to a fresh and clear appearance. It’s also formulated with Japanese Knotweed Root Extract that helps promote anti-aging. (This is what I am currently taking).

Last but not least, Ritual is another really cool subscription service that makes vitamin routines easy. At $30 per month, you get 60 capsules. One bottle delivers the 9 essentials nutrients that most women lack. Like Sturm and Goop’s versions, this is also vegan, gluten and soy free and free of synthetics and colorants. It’s also non-GMO. The idea here is to promote joy, energy and defy age. Simply, of course.

Image, Irving Penn. 

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