The 6 Best Facial Oils That Every Girl Needs
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The 6 Best Facial Oils That Every Girl Needs

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One beauty product that IS making an impact this season is the oil. Think about it, as the temperature drops, your skin looks and feels different. It’s dryer, tighter and unbelievably parched. Oils are the perfect remedy for your cold weather skin. It’s easy to apply and gives you moisture that lasts all day. In other words, oils are super in for fall, so get with the program.

The great thing about oils is that they are typically multitasking and come packing a powerful punch. They also come in a variety of types. There are argon oils, grape seed oils, black rose, coconut and almond versions, oils that balance the complexion, tone, clarify, refine and soften. There are even super oils that literally change your skin by filling in fine lines and plumping wrinkles. And face oils are not only standalone moisturizers, they also work as beauty boosters. Mix a few drops with your favorite cream or serum for an even more luxe treatment.

Don’t have a signature oil of your own yet? Don’t worry a bit. I’ve narrowed it down to the TOP 6 oils that you will ever need. Want dewier, more radiant skin? Get involved girls.

For the FACE: Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil

Thanks to Tata Harper and her magical and transformative skin plumping all natural and non-toxic line, I am able to have my cake and eat it too. This rollerball baby (launched 2 days ago!) diminishes fine lines, and makes skin appear generally more firm and plumped! I even noticed the dryness around my nose disappear after just one use. And in just a few drops, you too will see what I mean.

For the HAIR: Rodin Olio Lusso Hair Oil

This non-greasy oil can be applied to the entirety of your mane or just to your split ends. Apply daily for all-around prettier hair.

For the NAIL: Cowshed Apricot Nourishing Nail Oil

Included in my “bedside table” story, I obviously loooove this cuticle oil. It keeps me from getting those dry hands and nails that (let’s be honest) only age us.

For the ultimate INVESTMENT: Sisley Black Rose Facial Oil

I wrote about my love for this baby on Saks. Basically, Sisley’s Face Oil is an anti-aging dry oil, so it doesn’t clog your pores, or make you look shiny or greasy. Not only does the silky smooth formula look and feel amazing, it is packed with powerful, plant-based active ingredients that nourish, regenerate and protect. It’s light enough to wear year-round, so if you live by the notion that oils should be shelved until winter, think again. The light floral scent has a slight aromatherapy effect, so it even helps me relax before bedtime.

For the just about EVERYTHING: VMV Hypoallergenics Know-It-Oil (Organic Virgin Coconut Oil) & La Tourangelle Coconut Oil (from Whole Foods or your local health food store) 

We already know coconut oil is a true miracle. I was introduced to VMV by my Glow Girl Danielle Snyder (she also just mentioned on Inst!). It’s my current go-to for head to toe skin moisture. I swear it has endorphins in it because I literally feel happier after applying it. I just got a tip from my PR friend at Stila who carries a miniature sample around and applies throughout the day around her eyes. Brilliant. You can also add it for your bath for an added skin quencher.

For the FRAGRANCE: Parfum Divine de Caudalie

Ok so I know this isn’t technically an oil, but it was inspired by the scent of the iconic Caudalie Divine Oil. I like to spritz this everywhere right after I apply my coconut oil head to toe. The combo is HEAVEN. This sun kissed and woody fragrance features vibrant notes of pink pepper and citrusy grapefruit. The rose unveils its freshness, evoking the morning dew, and heavy cedar wood and vanilla blend with sweet white musk notes for a pleasant aromatic touch.

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