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Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Fashion Week Recovery Event (and boy did I need it) thrown by skincare goddess Tata Harper and Town & Country’s Special Project Editor, Amanda Hearst at Exhale Spa.

We were treated to a 30 minute yoga and meditation experience and then received facials using Tata Harper’s new – yet to be launched – SuperNatural Serum Collection. Lucky me! In between yoga and my facial, I relaxed and enjoyed a delicious combination of champagne and fresh green juice and talked beauty with new friends like Jennifer Kass.

Tata Harper Skincare (sold at Bergdorf!) was founded by Tata Harper and is handmade in Vermont using 100% natural and nontoxic ingredients and uses the world’s most advanced technology. Up until recently, I believed that when products are “natural,” they probably sacrifice technology and therefore the results. Tata Harper completely squashes this misconception of mine. Every bottle contains between 9 and 29 active ingredients – most formulas contain between 1 and 3! The multiactive formulas mean that each product is doing the job of 6. I am seriously obsessed!!

The Tata Harper SuperNatural Serum Collection includes three products that are created using the same ethics that her brand is known for. The Boosted Contouring Serum (launching May 2013) uses Algae Extract and Goldenrod Flower to literally slow the aging process by stimulating collagen production for a more sculpted, contoured look. The Concentrated Brightening Serum (launching August 2013) treats hyperpigmentation, discoloration and premature aging by and exfoliating the skin promoting cell renewal. The Elixir Vitae (launching October 2013) literally plumps and fills in wrinkles and fine lines!

WAIT – I need these now. I don’t think I can wait. This is too exciting!

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