This Skincare Line Has Never Failed Me (Ever)

This Skincare Line Has Never Failed Me (Ever)

12.15.2016    |    
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Magic happens when you find a skincare line you love. That’s what happened to me with Tata Harper. I first discovered her products about four years ago and became hooked on the serums and moisturizers. The brand was still somewhat under the radar at the time, but since then, the line has expanded to include cream blushes, body balms and hand creams. And, by the way, they’re all amazing.

Why do I love Tata Harper so much? Well for starters, I have met Tata many times now, and am even lucky to call her a friend. She is the best example of how her line really works. I mean, it’s truly hard to tell her exact age. Her skin is tight and supple so much so that she never really needs to wear makeup. The first time I actually tried Tata Harper skincare was at Exhale spa where Tata was giving mini facials. Once I got one of my own, I was hooked. Right then and there.

Considering trying the brand Yourself? Here is what you know.

Tata’s line is organic and filled with the most powerful ingredients, hence the hefty price tag. Everything is made right on her farm in Vermont, where she often invites editors and friends to experience the magic. She also uses 100% non-toxic 100% of the time. So this means that everything you put on your skin isn’t going to poison you. You’d be surprised – some of your favorite lines are filled with TONS of harmful chemicals. As I get older, I care about two things – results and clean ingredients that aren’t sabotaging my health. Another reason I love this line is because I can share it with my mom. Even though we are 30 years apart, we can still use the same line. It works for all ages.

Today, I wanted to share it with you. From her life-changing serums, to her new(ish) illuminating line (that eliminates the need for makeup). Her body balm gets rids of stretch marks and cellulite and her hand and eye creams are so lovely. Also her little aromatherapy line makes for the Best gifts. You really get addicted to those smells. Oh, and guess what?! Today and tomorrow, Tata’s whole site is 15% off, PLUS free two day shipping. There’s no better time than now to stock up on all your favorite gifts.

Floral Essence Moisturizing Toner

Boosted Contouring Eye Mask

Concentrated Brightening Essence

Redefining Body Balm

Rejuvenating Hand Cream

Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint

Illuminating Moisturizer

Aromatic Bedtime Treatment

Limited Edition Honey Blossom Mask

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