Tata Harper Aromatic Treatments

Tata Harper Aromatic Treatments

02.05.2014    |    
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I have talked about my love for Tata Harper a few times now, but up until recently, I had never tried her Aromatic Treatments. Upon first sniff I was hooked. The Aromatic Irritability Treatment is perfect for those times when, well, it’s just not your day. We all know that day, when you’ve just had enough and you feel like screaming, crying, or both.    I get it. It happens. The next time you feel one of those days coming on, take a minute to whip out your Irritability Treatment, and take a whiff…or five. Take long and deep breaths. While inhaling, quietly and to yourself say the word, ‘just,’ and while exhaling, say the word ‘breathe.’ Just….breathe. It may sound corny, but you’ll be surprised how powerful Tata and deep breathing can be.

The Aromatic Stress Treatment is perfect for this upcoming Fashion Week and targets something that we all deal with – STRESS. This soothing and uplifting blend of florals and essential oils can actually help calm anxiety and stress levels, promoting relaxation of the senses. I honestly don’t ever leave home without these little rollerballs. I always make sure to carry them in my purse wherever I go for an on-the-go calming treatment. Dab on your pulse points, rub on your palms, breathe in deeply and feel the difference. I’m not kidding, these babies have prevented many a mental breakdown.

According to Tata, “Essential oils are concentrated plant essences that have direct psychological and physiological effects on the human body. They directly target our brains’ emotion and mood center: the limbic system, which is why aromatic treatments can yield such immediate dramatic effects. It happens instantly: Our brain and body react to a scent before we have even cognitively recognized that we’ve come in contact with it. When inhaled, the scent’s aromatic molecules are carried through our nasal cavity via 10 million olfactory nerves. The olfactory bulb sends these nerve signals to the limbic system, our mood and emotion center. The limbic system then releases neurotransmitters that, depending on the scent, can reduce pain, create feelings of happiness, or relax the body.” Incredible, right?

Thanks Tata. We owe you one.

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