Going Out? Do This First.

Going Out? Do This First.

09.12.2017    |    
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I recently drove to Austria to visit Susanne Kaufmann. I was on a mission to experience a few treatments at her glorious spa. During my Advanced Anti-Aging Facial, I learned a masking technique I’ll never forget. I loved it so much, I’ve incorporated it into my routine at home. (And you know I’ve very picky with my routine.) It only requires 3 products, takes 30 minutes max and is ideal when used as a pre-party, glowifying peel.

Here’s the deal:

Step 1: Apply the Enzyme Peel to clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes. Suzanne loves using this mask first, as it opens your skin up for the other products.

Step 2: Next, combine the Nutrient Concentrate or the Skin Lightening and Radiance Complex with the Moisturizing Face Mask. Leave this on for 20 minutes to let the products do their magic work.

Step 3: Massage, massage, massage. During my facial, jade rollers were used to press the product deeper into the skin and to further encourage relaxation. I even bought a few rollers of my own so I could authentically replicate the treatment at home.

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