Georgia O'Keeffe Pretty

Georgia O'Keeffe Pretty

09.19.2014    |    
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One of my favorite beauty looks from #NYFW came from Suno’s Georgia O’Keeffe inspired show. Maybelline – perennial drugstore favorite – was used to create the pretty look that you too can simulate in no time with just a quick trip to good ole’ Duane Reade! 

Backstage I spoke with makeup artist Alice Lane, who explained in detail how to get the look and taught me about why lipstick makes the best blush.

“The lip came from an error. I tried an orange shade (Maybelline Electric Orange 880), and of course, with everything, it became too orange. So we took it off, and the stain that it left behind was perfect. Cream based lipstick is very forgiving…you apply it with varying levels of pressure, and then if you get too much, you wipe it away and you have this stain. I am keeping it very matte, because I thought about Georgia in her garden in New Mexico, and it’s dry there, and everything else is very moist. So I wanted a matte mouth.

I used a lipstick on the cheeks (Maybelline Red Revival 645), because of its creamy nature. It looks like the color and texture comes from within. You just apply the color and it sticks. Cream lipsticks are better for the cheeks as opposed to sheers and shinier ones that would slide off, especially in the heat. But it’s got to go on skin with very minimal base. I don’t mind looking like a doll, but for this look, it’s about clean skin. But I think base is becoming so wonderful. I personally use Koh Gen Do [so do I!!!], you use the tiniest amount and it perfect. It almost feels skincarey.

The skin is done with Dream Pure BB Cream, which is actually amazing. At first I was like, ‘where are the shades?’ But for some reason it just knows. Maybe someone can explain it to me, but these 3 shades work perfectly on all the girls.”

Lipstick was used quite unexpectedly over at Peter Som. A sixties “acid orange” winged-eye was achieved by painting a brushstroke of Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin on the low lash line, starting at the inner corners.

Now, if this doesn’t make you want to run off to the nearest drug store to stock up on Maybelline than I don’t know what will.

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