Glow Girl: Shiva Rose
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Glow Girl: Shiva Rose

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Shiva Rose has achieved what many think is impossible. The actress turned blogger responsibly lives off the earth and exercises holistic practices, but still manages to have a modern life. She resides on a farm right outside of LA that’s filled with chickens, goats, bees and a full-fledged garden with every fruit and vegetable imaginable. As if her bohemian vintage wardrobe, waist-long hair and glowing skin wasn’t impressive enough, she makes her own skincare and has for years. Shiva recently launched an entire line, The Local Rose, infused with all of her knowledge of balms and oils. Packaged and prepared in her personal in-home lab, The Local Rose is made using the freshest ingredients straight from Mother Earth. But this isn’t your average Whole Foods-esque beauty line. Oh no. Its exceptionally packaged, deliciously fragrant and super effective. The Local Rose is pure clean and green luxury. 

I tested out Shiva’s newly launched line, and am in love with two products in particular. The Venus Amber Body Oil is made of eight different natural oils and is even infused with Rose Quartz crystals. It goes on so smoothly and leaves behind a heavenly coconut and chocolate scent. The Glow Face Balm is deliciously rich and made from shea butter, coconut, Rosehip and Camilla oils, so it’s really a combination of everything you need for glowing skin.

I had the privilege of chatting with Shiva about her life and work. We covered just about everything – her experience on the farm, her daily diet, her love for crystals and even her smoothie and homemade face mask recipes. Don’t be surprised if you develop a serious girl crush on Shiva while reading this… I know I did!

Annie: How did you get into the beauty and wellness business?

Shiva: I have always been very holistic. I was raised by bohemian parents, and I am a total hippy. Seven years ago, I went through a divorce, and was feeling lost. So I decided to go back to the earth to simplify life in every way. Friends were always asking me about certain recipes, and it just evolved.

Annie: And how did the beauty line come about?

Shiva: I was researching all this stuff for the blog, about how 1 in 3 women get cancer, and how the products that we use on our bodies are so toxic. The restrictions here in the U.S. are so different than they are in Europe. I had always made my own oils because this way I could trust the ingredients. The idea for The Local Rose came to me in Kundalini yoga. I saw the whole thing, the logo, the ingredients, the packaging. I knew that creating my own line was the way to go.

Annie: In your previous interview with Tory Burch, you stated that one of the major changes you have made to live a healthier life is eating 100% organically. How has this improved your health? 

Shiva: I am not so militant, but I try to control it at least in my house. When I was younger, I battled autoimmune diseases, and once I went organic, I really felt a shift in the inflammation of my body. I was less achy, less tired. So as much as I can, I am organic and all natural, at least the things I can control.

Annie: Describe your daily diet.

Shiva: Oh, Quinoa, roasted kale and beets in olive oil and sea salt. I’ll mix that in bowl with lemon juice, seeds, and then sauerkraut on the side. I just love a good bowl. I also like to spout nuts. So I will start my day with a sprouted nut situation. I will soak the oats overnight and have that with fruit in the morning. I make a smoothie with almond milk and cocoa (it’s my version of coffee) and coconut meat. This gives me a lot of energy throughout the day. I love soaked chia seeds, and will make that with either pumpkin seed milk or sunflower seed milk. Sunflowers are very good for women, and our hormones. They’re powerful tonics. My kids joke that they are so tired of hearing me talk about it.

Annie: Favorite restaurant in LA?

Shiva: Café Gratitude. We need more places like that. I don’t eat out all that much.

Annie: I’m smoothie obsessed and always looking for a new thing to try. Tell me your favorite recipe!

Shiva: Frozen banana, cocoa, almond milk or seed milk, sun potions, anandamide (raw cacao), coconut, maca (so good for women) and mint.  I’ll add berries too. My daughters and I LOVE berries. It’s small berry season now, which is perfect.

Annie: What are the best nutrients we should focus on to get healthier? Any tips for achieving beauty from within?

Shiva: I love to add pearl powder. All of my skincare will have lots of it. Ghee is really great for women. I also love coconut. Tumeric, ginger, bee pollen, which all have great vitamins that help women. Minerals are really great too. Women are lacking in minerals. I like He Shou Wu, which is great for the hair.

Annie: Clearly, I am obsessed with crystals as of lately…how do you use crystals?

Shiva: I use them a lot in the skincare line. I keep them in the studio where I work. I feel like they help in so many ways. Tourmaline stops negative vibes and helps lessen the EMS near my computer. Rose is great for love and opening the heart.  Crystals are funny. They find you. Mount Shasta is where I have collected some, because it is such a high vibration place.

Annie: What do you think is the most important beauty secret?

Shiva: Minerals. I have a lot of women telling me that their nails don’t grow or their hair is lacking… I think a lot of the time these problems occur from the food that we eat. Try magnesium salts. You can also use Zinc Selenium cream or lotion on your body.

Annie: Tell me about your medicine cabinet staples. What beauty routine keeps your glowing?

Shiva: It’s pretty simple. Every morning and night I will mist my face with face mist. Radiant rose water, filled with minerals, aloe, and vitamin C. Then I’ll put on my own balm. Then I use cucumber slices for puffy eyes. Very simple. I try to put on face oil throughout the day, usually during lunch. In the evening, I exfoliate, mist and then apply more oils and a balm. I make a lot of face masks too! Pineapple, honey and yogurt is a really magical mixture. It is so amazing to see how it clears your skin.

Annie: Could you share with us the ingredients of your famous face mask?

Shiva: You’ll need 1 cup of pineapple, 1/2 half-yogurt, ¼ honey. Start with just the pineapple. Cut the pineapple into medium chunks and blend it with a blender.  Once blended, leave it on your face for 15-minutes. Let the burning acids work (you should start feeling a slight burn). Then, follow with the yogurt and honey concoction. Simply mix the concoction and very gently slather it on the face like you would with your moisturizer. Leave it on for another 15-minutes and rinse it off with warm water. You should see visible differences such as brightness and smoothness.

Annie: If you had to recommend one life changing beauty product what would it be?

Shiva: Coconut oil to remove makeup and kukui oil for hair, face and body. Also, castor oil is great for the lashes and brows. It’s a great alternative to hair supplements. Whenever I feel my hair is thinning or I just want thicker lashes and brows, I dab castor oil. In weeks, I start to see thicker brows and I have thicker hair. I never use hair supplements. Castor oil is my go-to.

Annie: What are your makeup go-tos?

Shiva: Isa Restorative LipstickVapour MakeupRms and Axiology Lipsticks.

Annie: Do you have a favorite workout?

Shiva: Nature hiking and swimming in the ocean. Kundalini yoga, but this is more of a mental workout.

Annie: Perfume?

Shiva: I have always worn oils. Sandalwood, amber, Venus body oil and Faith Oil.

Annie: Facial?

Shiva: Kristina Holy! She uses all natural products.

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