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On the heels of Bridget’s insanely amazing liquid mainly makeup technique, I thought I would, “allow me to reintroduce myself” to cream blush, a product that has oh-so-sadly managed to fall out of my daily makeup routine. Nothing says youth and vitality more than a healthy glow to the cheeks.

Reminiscing to college days, LA bestie Taylor would load on her Stila Convertible Color in Fuschia to the point of extreme. What I learned from her rosy cheek addiction was that if you have the right cream color, its practically foolproof. The creamy texture far surpasses the powder options, adding extra moisture, dewiness and most importantly, a youthful glow. So, who doesn’t want to look younger?! After trying literally everything, I have narrowed it down my two favorites, that I use on rotation.

Taylor heard about Kevin Aucoin’s Creamy Moist Glow in Liquifuchsia and suggested I try it out. I can attest that this is not only the perfect hot pink shade but formula, giving you that, “just in from the cold” look. Vampire inspired beauty at its best. All you need are your fingers, and a smile, dabbing and blending upward and outward.

Armani, known best in the beauty world for their foundations, Sheer Fluid 8 has won countless awards including InStyle’s “Best Highlighter,” and Allure’s “Best of Beauty,” but to me, seems like a true gem of a find. Simply pump onto your makeup brush, smile, place onto the apple of your cheeks and brush up and out. At night, this veil of pearly pink radiance, illuminates your face with the most delicate of teeny-tiny sparkles.

I stick with Kevin Aucoin for the day and a mix of Armani and Aucoin at night, the ladder dabbed on top. Punchy pink pops of color are all I need this spring/ summer season.

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