PRADA Fall 2013

PRADA Fall 2013

02.23.2013    |    
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OK one trend that I am loving this season is as beauty goddess Pat MacGrath describes as, “the shadow of formerly amazing makeup.” Seen at Rodarte as well, models were meant to look undone. You know the look, when you apply makeup around 7pm before dinner, and by the time you glance in the mirror at the end of the night, your hair and makeup have naturally worn. Mascara and eyeliner fall beneath the eye, lipstick fades…BUT I embrace this!

MacGrath used a burgundy stain on the center of the models’ lips and then diffused it outward using a clear balm. Dots of shadow and liner fall under the eye. Hair was wet and choppy. As described by Redken Creative Consultant Guido Palau, “The ultimate ease is wet, just-out-of-the-shower hair. I mean, how chic is that?”

Nothing is chicer.

TIP: Shout out to my LA bestie and equally obsessed beauty maven Taylor, for introducing me to the old, “painting mascara on your lower lashes,” technique back in December! Basically, you take a bottom lash mascara (I prefer Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes Mascara) and a small flat brush, such as Hourglass’s Angled Liner Brush. You dip a generous amount of mascara onto the brush, and then carefully paint the bottom lashes. For a more dramatic and edgier look, I like to clump some of my bottom lashes together.

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