Six Perfume Oils to Feel Instantly Refreshed...and Way Happier
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Six Perfume Oils to Feel Instantly Refreshed...and Way Happier

12.03.2014    |    
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Wowza! December is looking to be one hectic month…and we are not even through the first week. I can’t remember the last time I sat down, other than at night when I fallinto my bed and instantly pass out. And who am I kidding – I don’t even have kids! 

But this time of the year is crazy for us all, whether you are a college student cramming for finals, working away at your desk and trying to get everything done before the holiday, and meanwhile swamped with Christmas shopping, meetings, errands and everything else in between. Life right now is pretty much non-stop on my end, but I can hear and feel this from everyone around me.

The challenge about being “on the go” is mastering the art of refreshing yourself, whether you are in the office bathroom, cab or even while walking on the streets, quickly and efficiently. It’s imperative that you leave your home each morning packed with the essential day to night products, because who has time to run home and change anymore??

One of those essential beauty products, of course, is the fragrance. You don’t want to lug around full perfume all day. And I am just so opposed to EDT or even EDP rollerballs, because they never seem to stick. Instead, I am SO all about perfume OILS that are perfect for the holiday season – parties, travel, and beyond.

Perfume oils are more concentrated than alcohol-based liquids (like EDPs and EDTs), and they don’t evaporate and fade away as quickly. A spray diffuses the fragrance into the air and over a larger surface area of your body, while a slightly stronger oil-based scent stays close to the skin and is more discreet. By choosing one of these, you’ll also have more control over the exact placement of the scent and how much you apply.

These are the six scents that I can’t stop wearing. They also double as the Best. Gifts. Ever.

Bigelow Musk Oil – Picked up this baby after reading Liz Tyler’s interview in In to the Gloss. She said, “I’ve worn the same perfume, C.O. Bigelow Musk Oil, for so many years. And I’m telling you, every day, five people will ask me what I’m wearing. That’s all it is, musk oil from Bigelow’s!” And yes, its that good.

Byredo Gypsy Water Perfumed Oil Roll-On – Byredo’s classic (and Kate Bosworth fave) and cult scent is made for the coolest, chicest girl. The scents are out of this world amazing.

Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil Oud Wood – I first smelled this glorious oil at the Tom Ford Holiday press preview last month, and I immediately freaked over the oil. The smell is intoxicating and, like all Ford fragrances, they are unisex, so it’s no wonder that I am now wearing this oil myself instead of only recommending it for the boys.

Kai Fragrance Oil – I have been wearing this baby since college. A light and intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics, this scent is pure heaven.

Maison Louis Marie Cassis Perfume Oil – I spotted this unique scent at New York, The Line. This fruity fragrance begins with a black pepper note enhanced by bergamot and blackcurrants. It’s a perfect blend of festive and sophisticated.

Essential Faith Oil – My LA Bestie showed me this one. It’s super subtle, but just enough for people to immediately ask you what you are wearing.

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