Party Prep 101: 7 Days

Party Prep 101: 7 Days

01.09.2014    |    
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Three days and counting until the Golden Globes, which kicks off one of my favorite television moments, Award Season. Although I am not attending the actual show, it got me thinking about the preparation that goes into these types of events. It just so happens, that the night before the GG’s is one of my best friend’s birthday parties. This isn’t any ordinary party, but a 50 person sit-down dinner at her home upstate that she plans to turn into a magical and rustic winter wonderland. Its not everyday that I have an excuse to dress up – especially in January – so I am jumping at the opportunity to really prep for the night. I have put together my fool-proof and easy enough 7-day prep-plan for an event as maj at this!

7 Days Until the Party:

WATER – Overdo your water consumption. Humans are 70% water, so you need to drink at least 8-oz. or more. This will cleanse for system from the inside out, removing toxins and making you look fresh and rested. Staying hydrated is the most natural way to achieve a healthy glow, which is truly the best accessory.

GREEN TEA – Although I’m not strong enough to replace my morning coffee with a green tea, I can manage to drink iced green teas all day long. I’ll add stevia or another natural sweetener to make the flavor a little brighter. Like water, green tea helps eliminate toxins and remove water weight so you can really squeeze into that itty-bitty dress you’ve always wanted to wear. These days, I am really into Kusmi Detox Tea.

NO SALT –  Literally just quit. Salt isn’t going to do you any favors when you’re trying to slim down or just feel generally lighter. Use the new year as an excuse to cut out salt. And if you’re worried about having no way to add flavor to your food, switch to pepper!

GREEN JUICE – Starting my day with green juice, from my new obsession Suja Juice, has completely changed my lifestyle. They get your metabolism where it needs to be, totally fill you up, and also promote healthy eating. You’d be surprised what starting the day off right can do!

EPSOM SALT BATHS – Start taking as many of these as possible. I’m such a nerd and actually use this time to organize my life. I’ll respond to old emails, catch up on some reading, or make to-do lists. Not kidding. It’s the perfect way to relax while being somewhat productive at the same time. Espom salt is super cheap and can be found at your local drug store. Susan Ciminelli Algae Bath Powder is also unreal.

5 Days Until the Party:

FACEMASK – Apply an at-home facemask like the life-changing M-61 Power Glow Peel. This really works. The Vitamin K helps reduce redness and the glycol sweeps away dead dull skin, leaving you literally glowing. You can actually use it 5 days before the event and then again the day before the event, depending on your skin sensitivity.

3 Day Until the Party:

HAIR MASQUE – Hair masques are so key. I like to wash my hair no more than 3 days before the party, and I would suggest a hair masque the day of the event. My favorite of the moment masque is Bumble and Bumble Mending Masque. I actually use this for 15 minutes on my ends every time I wash my hair. It’s pure magic.

The Day before:

MANI PEDI – It’s manicure & pedicure time, of course! Even if my feet are covered, I like to feel fresh from head to toe. If you are anything like me, you probably have not decided what you are wearing until the last minute, so go with something neutral, like nude or black. I love Butter London Tea with the Queen, which is the most flattering nude or RGB Black. If you know what you are wearing, go for something eye-catching or bold or RGB Too Red.

LASH EXTENSIONS – Get the real ones, like me or buy the individuals from Make Up For Ever Individual Eyelashes. I always pop some individual lashes in the corner of the eye to elongate, accentuate and thicken the look of the eye and lash.

Before the party:

FACE MASQUE – Use a GENTLE face masque to get a luminous glow for the event. I normally use SkinCeuticals Clay Masque before going out. This is not going to make you red or irritated but make sure you test it before the day of the party just to make sure your skin doesn’t have an adverse reaction. Whenever I use this baby I always notice how great my skin looks in pictures.

EYE MASQUE – Eye treatments are all the rage these days, and I can see why. As French Vogue notes, “Pre-party they make for the perfect way to ensure sparkling eyes until dawn, post-party they’re the ideal beauty pick-me-up for combatting dark circles. We’ve put six eye patches through their paces, to help you stretch your New Year’s beauty resolutions that little bit further.” I love Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Eye Patches or The Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask by Chantecaille.

EXFOLIATE THE BOD – Exfoliate your body to feel fresh and smooth. Try Ren Moroccan Rose Body Polish. It not only scrubs away dead skin, but is super moisturizing. Follow-up with your favorite body oil or cream.

EXFOLIATE THE FACE – I will use a Clarisonic (which I only use once or twice a week) combined with Sarah Chapman’s Ultimate Cleanse to buff the skin of any dry skin cells.

Follow these steps and you’ll feel rested, beautiful and fresh when party time rolls around.

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