If you want better skin, you should be using Omorovicza

If you want better skin, you should be using Omorovicza

07.11.2016    |    
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A few weeks ago, right before my latest visit to Zurich, I sat down for tea and juice with Omorovicza’s co-founder Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza. What a name right? She had a few new product launches to discuss with me, and I was excited to hear more about her cult brand. Known for it’s healing minerals, it’s definitely one of the beauty world’s best kept secrets. I’ve been a big fan of their Deep Cleansing Mask for a while, but my love of the brand only increased when I met Margaret. One look at her perfect, glowing skin and I needed to know everything.

Margaret (just check her out) is everything you want in a beauty brand founder. She is bright, beyond beautiful, educated and she’s got the science to back up her products. She’s also had one of the most interesting lives on the planet. Fun fact: She once served as the chief of staff to the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary. Pretty cool, right? I could have chatted with her for hours about our favorite red lipsticks (randomly, we share the same two: Tom Ford Ruby Red and Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red) travel and more. But before I get totally sidetracked, here’s the 441 on her brand.

The Omorovicza story began over 2,000 years ago, when the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were first discovered and the first baths were built. In the 1800’s, the Omorovicza family built the Racz Spa in Budapest on the site of a medieval healing spring. Fast forward 200 years to when Steven de Heinrich de Omorovicza took his future wife-to-be, Margaret, to visit his family’s baths. Amazed at the effects on their skin, they bottled up the healing waters and the Omorovicza brand was born. It’s seriously a fairytale.

During my chit-chat with Margaret, I had to ask her straight up, “What in the hell is happening with your skin?! It’s honestly perfect.” I had to know. Her skin was even, poreless, luminous and didn’t look greasy, even in the NYC summer heat. She wore a bright red lip, a denim jumpsuit, and when paired with her bright blond hair, her virtually makeup free face was absolutely killer.

After the meeting, I requested some of the products we talked about and boy have I become hooked. I started with the Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20 and the Mineral Touch Concealer Margaret had on that day. I’ve tried them both and I’m hooked! The BB is silicone free (apparently the first of its kind!) and makes your skin look even and dewy. Hailed as the “Swiss army knife of the beauty industry,” it’s a moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen, concealer and anti-wrinkle cream all-in-one! The concealer is like the Cle de Peau, but a bit cheaper and packed with vitamins C and E to correct skin tone and boost collagen production. It’s now become my final touch in my skincare routine.

Next, I tried the Glam Glow. As a recovering self-tanner addict, I typically stray from anything that gives me semi-permanent color, sticking to my pale skin and just owning it, but Margaret highly recommended this bronzing product. She said it gives you the perfect amount of glow without looking streaky or leaving that orange residue. I tried it on my legs while I was away, and it was a total hit! It’s also packed with minerals from the healing waters of Budapest and smells of citrus. You can really use it anywhere because it’s so sheer.

Lastly, I played with the Gold Shimmer Oil. It’s perfect for the summer because it leaves your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Subtle gold particles add alluring shimmer to legs and arms or even hair. The luscious scent of ylang-ylang makes it even more addicting. You seriously have to smell it.

Needless to say, I have a few new favorites in my beauty routine. This fall, the brand is launching three new skincare products that I am super psyched about, the Oxygen Booster, Instant Perfection Serum and the Moor Cream Cleanser. I can’t wait to try them. Have you tried Omorovicza?

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