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01.13.2014    |    
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Fresh off the holiday bonanza circuit, I decided to give my skin a minute to breathe. Why not? One of my New Years resolutions was to drink more water and take more yoga classes, both of which should really enhance my natural glow. Not only that, but living in New York, I have noticed something – it’s totally 100% acceptable to be seen in public makeup free. And I’m not just talking about an incognito coffee run in your old Uggs and oversized shades (yes, that’s me). I’m talking about a night out with your friends, or even an interview or business meeting. That’s just New York for you. But I’m finding out that it’s not only New York….

Last week, I met up with new friend and fellow French beauty blogger, Capucine Piot, who killed me with her carefree, chic style, sporting black matte Nike’s, layers upon layers, messy “French girl” hair, and of course, “no-makeup.” I’m sure there was something there, right? To me, a makeup-free face gives off this cool, confidant vibe. You know the look I am talking about. Imagine black leather jacket, perfectly tousled “French girl” hair, dewy skin and freshly glossified, yet natural colored lips. Being a total skin freak, I believe I’ve mastered this look in 9 products and under 10 minutes. Here’s how to master “makeup free” makeup:

After going through your entire skincare routine, wait about ten minutes to let everything set. Step one is obvious – tackle the SKIN. The key to mastering this “whoops I just rolled out of bed and look effortlessly chic without makeup” look is perfecting the skin. I start with a dollop of not one, but three products that I mix together with my favorite Mac Foundation brush—my primer (always go for illuminating), my illuminator and my color enhancer. I’m really into (1) Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Primer (Clarins Skin Flash Balm is just as fab), (2) Armani Beauty Sheer Fluid #7 (or Benefit High Beam) and (3) MAC Prep and Prime BB Beauty Balm (which I picked up backstage at DVF) right now. These products are sure to instantly moisturize, refresh and tighten skin to create a well-rested and energized appearance. (I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t BBs supposed to act like a beauty one-stop-shop, freeing you from using anything else? I’ve never gotten that. That’s why I recommend this trifecta!)

Step two is all about blending. To really blend all of the products perfectly into the skin, you need one of my all time favorite products, (4) MAC Fix. In between blending, spray this amazing little product all over the face and continue blending.

Next, it’s all about the concealer. I find the (5) Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to be the best thing ever. Learned this in Aspen. Lightly dab this under your eyes, around the corners of your nose and on any spots, and blend using your fingers. This really is the best concealer. You simply must get involved.

Next, highlight. Take the cult classic (6) Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and gently dab on your face. Make sure to target the places you want illuminated by the light. I dab the cream on the bridge of my nose, under my eyebrows, cupid’s brow and of course, my upper cheekbones. This truly gives you that lit-from-within glowy look. Next, use (7) Benefit Eye Bright, something I have used for years. I apply it down the bridge of my nose and on the outer corners of my eyes in a V-shape. Then blend. On my eyelids I apply a very tiny amount of (8) Nars Cream Eyeshadow in Corfu. It’s got a natural brown tint to make your face glow. Dab a little more Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on top of the shadow for a nice sheen.

On my lips, I go for my old-school nude lip liner trick using my (9) in Natural or Jouer Lip Perfecter in Nude. Then I pop on more of my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream onto my lips for a polished, moisturized look.

And there you go. It’s the “no makeup” look that will have you feeling cool, confident and fresh.

Constace Jablonski by Garance Dore

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