The Post Music Festival Face Mask
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The Post Music Festival Face Mask

04.17.2013    |    
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To quote myself, “coming back from Coachella is like coming back from War.” Don’t misunderstand – while you are at Coachella – you are literally having the BEST time of your life. I mean, what can be more amazing about a three-day long music festival, in the middle of the dry, warm California desert, with your best friends and a plethora of parties? The non-stop weekend left me feeling slightly (extremely) dehydrated and sleep deprived, that I felt like I need a little facial rejuvenation.

I have stressed before about the importance of facemasks and at home skincare, but when it comes to choosing the right mask, selection can
be quite daunting. I tend to buy skin products on “referral” basis from trusted friends and professionals. A few years ago, my friend Jenn from Malibu introduced me to one of her favorite masks, the Ecologica Eco Mask & Peel Combo. Ecologica is a Malibu based brand, “Inspired by the ocean and its magic.” The base of this masque is enzymes, made to tighten the skin and its underlying muscles.

The mask and peel are two separate products to be used in tandem, mixing them together in a small bowl and adding a few drops of water. Applied in an upward motion (this same knowledge should be applied to moisturizers and foundations), across the face and neck, it quickly dries, and then begins to work its magic! My friend warned me that this was a mask you were not going to want to do in front of anyone, because you are going to look uglier and scarier than ever before. Yikes! I didn’t know quite what she meant, until I tried the mask for myself, and yes I can confirm that this is true – but its SO worth it!

The mask tingles, pulls and tightens in an upward direction, almost feeling like a mini workout for my skin. My muscles contract and my head is literally locked in place and morphed in ways that prove that its working – lifting and plumping! After washing the mask away, my pores appear smaller and more refined, and my skin more radiant and glowing. Fine lines that were once visible (OK, I’m not perfect) have now vanished.

TIP: I like to use this all the way down my neck.

I woke up Tuesday morning looking fresh and revived…almost as if the weekend didn’t happen.

What happens at Coachella stays at Coachella.

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