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Since the launch of his beauty line in December 2011, I have become even more of a regular—if that is even possible—at their Bergdorf Goodman beauty counter. Tom Ford makes it easy on us, providing us with the best of the best. His lipstick line consists of only 18 lipsticks, which I love because sometimes being faced with hundreds of options is overwhelming. Yes, I’m talking to you Yves Sant Laurent and Estee Lauder! Simplicity at last.

Earlier this year, I invested (yes, at a whopping $48 a pop, I chose my words wisely) in my first Tom Ford lipstick. I was inspired by Aline Weber’s character in Tom Ford’s A Single Man. Weber makes a small cameo in the film, but I love her Bridget Bardot look complete with teased bleach blonde hair, pale face and nude lips. It was those lips that drew me to my first Ford Lipstick, Blush Nude, an opaque, soft pink beige with a creamy consistency and a barely-there sheen. 1960’s perfection.

Today, I wanted to select my second Tom Ford lipstick, and I felt like something BOLD. Violet Fatale, a bright violet with a hint of fuchsia, instantly caught my eye. An unusual choice for me because normally I would never have tested this color, but I was feeling rebellious and gave it a shot – and thank goodness I did! The results are far better than that gothic purplily plum you might have worn in high school. My So Called Life, anyone? As far as wear time, I had it on for six hours yesterday, through two coffees, an apple and raw avocado wrap! No bleeding beyond the edges of my lips.

PS – Because the TOM FORD packaging is so beautiful, I plan to display my lipsticks with my perfumes.

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