La Prairie Eye & Lip Perfecter

La Prairie Eye & Lip Perfecter

09.05.2013    |    
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On my most recent trip to Zurich, I made a point to visit as many Swiss pharmacies as humanly possible to scour the shelves for those highly coveted beauty products that are unique to Europe. It’s no secret that many of the best beauty products around come from Swiss and French pharmacies. No European vacation would be complete without stuffing my suitcase with as many goodies as possible. After this trip, I would definitely say that the Swiss  are giving the French a run for their money!

Starting with a Swiss classic, I decided to look into La Prairie Switzerland, a brand that for more than half a century has been the pioneer in cellular and anti-aging therapy, patenting their Cellular Complex that activates the skins metabolism and prevents signs of aging. BOOM. Their latest GEM is the La Prairie Anti-Aging (hell yes) Eye & Lip Perfection a Porter. OMG. My heart literally stopped beating when I found this product. OK so think about it…in our purse we always have the standard lipgloss for on-the-go hydration and moisture, but what is stopping us from taking care of our eyes too? How are we out and about all day without giving our poor little eyes any love? It’s practically absurd. Get ready for chic, portable perfection. You’re welcome.

As an illuminating, lifting eye cream-gel that hydrates while instantly easing signs of fatigue, lines, wrinkles and dark circles, this product is essential. It should be applied throughout the day to the under-eye area, continuing over the lid and along the brow bone, up to eyebrows and between brows. The luxurious and protective lip balm leaves your lips feeling plump and hydrated.

This is so going to be my fashion week beauty savor, no doubt.


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