Kate Bosworth's Braided Mohawk

Kate Bosworth's Braided Mohawk

10.31.2013    |    
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OK so how stunningly perfect was Kate Bosworth at the premiere of her latest film, Big Sur? Kate rocked the braided mohawk which was a fresh take on this season’s favorite hair trend. This hair situation is my latest obsession and I intent on replicating it immediately. Leave it to Kate – she’s always on the cutting edge of beauty and fashion.  She truly sets the standard for the chic and modern girl. Want her look?

This is the super easy how-to on Kate’s braided Mohawk, straight from hair stylist, Renato Campora of The Wall Group.

1) “First, I applied Serge Normant Meta Form Sculpting Pomade [this is one of my FAVS!!] to her hair to make it slick, and easy to braid,” he says.

2) Next, Campora separated three, three-inch sections—one at the crown, plus two on the left and right of her head (leaving the center section in the back of her head loose). “I brushed the side sections straight down and back, keeping her hair slick against her head, and then joined them together with a small rubber band to create a low ponytail at the nape of her neck.”

3) Then, he divided the top section into three parts and began braiding downward along the center of her head, picking up the back center section of hair and weaving it into the braid as he worked his way toward her neck. “While I wanted a soft look, I added a bit of height to her hair at the top to make the style more modern,” says Campora. “When I reached her neck, I blended the braids into the ponytail I created from the side sections, to achieve a seamless look.”

4) To keep the style perfect from the red carpet to the after party, Campora used some strategically placed bobby pins. “I wrapped the tip of the braid under and tucked it in with a few pins.”

Easy enough, right? Thanks, Kate, for always keeping us on-trend.

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