Ilary Love Potion

Ilary Love Potion

03.21.2014    |    
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It’s not very often that I find a fragrance that I just love. I believe the same goes for most people. Finding “your scent,” is a very personal matter and takes some real dedication. To help make this process a little easier, I even put together a little guide for finding the perfect scent, and making it last. So this is why I just had to share my most recent fragrance find that has quickly become my newest obsession.

To begin finding your fragrance, you have to be interested in the scent right off the bat. It has to jump out at you immediately. It’s like love at first sight, but for your sense of smell. Then you should wear that scent to test it’s wearability, duration and my own personal favorite measure – the amount of compliments you receive on just how damn good you smell. When you get tons of people (yes, randoms off the street) coming up to you saying, “you smell amazing,” you probably should stick with that fragrance.

Last week, while checking out at one of my favorite Upper East Side salons, Valery Joseph, I was intrigued by the ILARY perfume at the counter. I casually smelled the little green roller ball and was immediately obsessed. Upon first whiff, ILARY is like this insane amazing floral EXPLOSION. Notes includes orange blossom, musk, sandalwood and jasmine, so its floral, but not overly so. It’s just cool.

For the past week, I have worn my new scent everywhere, and the amount of compliments I’ve received is out of control. I realize that not everyone loves a floral smell, but this scent even appeals to even non-flower lovers. To prove this theory, I had a friend who “hates flowers,” test out of the scent. She absolutely loved it! Test part two occurred with my boyfriend (who claims that he hates all perfume), who said to me, “are you using a new shampoo, it smells really good.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was my perfume. I’m not joking, this should be your next purchase.

ILARY’S  creator, Hillary Schneider, actually created this scent as her own personal Love Potion Number Nine in hopes that she would find true love in New York City. Well it worked. She married in 2009 and soon after, ILARY was born. While we might not all be looking for true love through our fragrance, Hilary notes that the scent is perfect for every woman: “The unique blend of oils gives ILARY a slightly varied yet equally intoxicating aura on each woman who wears it.”

Please get involved girls. A love potion in the form of a rollerball that actually smell amazing. What could be better? You can toss it in your purse, for on the go loveliness.

You can buy ILARY here, and use code shesintheglow through May 31st for a 30% discount on a full sized bottle. BOOM. 

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