Hygge: The Nordic Trend That Will Take Your Beauty Routine to the Next Level

Hygge: The Nordic Trend That Will Take Your Beauty Routine to the Next Level

04.18.2017    |    
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What in the hell is Hygge? According to my new favorite book, “Hygge” is not so easy to define. You feel it. Hygge has been called a number of things, “the art of creating intimacy,” the “absence of annoyance,” or the “coziness of the soul.” I can get down with these things right? Right. Think: perfect lighting, cozy wool socks, a thunderstorm and a crackling fire. It’s about the atmosphere and the experience. The Little Book of Hygge is written by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, headquartered in Copenhagen. In the book, he explains Hygge and reveals the Danish Secrets to Happy Living. It’s no surprise that Denmark, Norway always top the list of the world’s happiest countries, year after year. Scandinavians just do everything cooler and cozier. From fashion and beauty to architecture and home design, many of my favorite designers and lines are from the land of the blond and beautiful.

Whether you want to give your living room that Hygge aesthetic, or you want to simplify your beauty routine, these are the best Scandinavian beauty products for you. Think: clean, quality ingredients and minimalist-chic packaging. Get some Nordic vibes in your life. You’ll be so glad you did.


Lighting and candles are two of the main Hygge hallmarks and this smart Danish candle line nails it. My favorite scent is even named Hygee and mixes fireplace-esque elements with rose petals, mint, and strawberry cake. Cozy, right? They are sold online at the Finnish Design Shop which I also love for home decor. I just bought this and this.


Straight up addicted to this WHOLE line. The sleek exterior alone practically screams Scandinavian design, but it’s the potent dose of retinol housed inside that I’m really interested in. The line’s claim to fame is minimizing fine lines and boosting collagen production. It’s all totally non-irritating, so even those with sensitive skin can partake. My top picks are the Super Face Serum, the Super Eye Serum and the Reviving Eye Mask with Retinol 8.


Byredo dominates the luxe perfume market for its culty-cool fragrances, hand cream and candles. The scents are never overtly feminine but always ooze sex appeal. My picks are Gypsy Water (duh), Rose of No Man’s Land and Mojave Ghost.


I have been using the Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask for over 10 years. Like many Scandanavian beauty brands, Ren is clean. This mask is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances/dyes, and petrochemicals. Lactic and Glycolic acid work together to leave your skin bright, happy and tight, without a hint of irritation. Perfection, no?


Estelle & Thild’s products are made of super luxurious ingredients. Everything is free from pesticides and toxic residues and are certified organic by EcoCert. My picks are the BioCare Bio Pregnancy Oil and Biodefence Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil.


A new find for me is Rudolph, a collection of exclusive beauty products, embodying pure luxury and enhanced by active ingredients that help nurture and care for your skin. Developed and produced in Denmark. Isn’t the packaging pretty too? My favorite are the body products, like the Acai Body Balm Limited Edition which is divine.


When you want really good hair, Sachajuan is the answer. I love the Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo and Conditioner because they are the secret to super full-bodied locks. Designed to rebuild, plump and fortify each fiber, this repairing formula creates volume and leaves your tresses with a healthy bounce.


Each product in the själ range is charged with precious minerals including gold, silver, copper, platinum and germanium in both liquid and solid form. Known as electro-stimulants, these minerals function as semi-conductors, increasing cellular productivity, performance, repair and penetration. I am really into crystals, so it’s no surprise that this line is one of my favorites. The Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask calms redness, oxygenates and plumps. It’s one of my newest must-haves.

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