Backstage Intel: How to Tame Flyaways
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Backstage Intel: How to Tame Flyaways

03.16.2015    |    
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Ok, so how annoying are flyaways? No matter how gorgeous your blowout, it’s often impossible to keep those tiny hairs from sticking out in every direction. I honestly think that this issue is part of the reason why girls love that second day hair. Frankly – I can’t stand flyaways. They drive me to next level insanity. BUT, there are solutions for getting rid of these babies, turning a freshly styled do into that oh-so coveted “rich girl hair,” smooth and clean. These are the 4 tricks and tools that I have picked up backstage, that will help you solve this aggravating problem:

Trick 1: The Pomade

Rub a pea sized amount of Bumble and bumble Semi Sumo between your fingers and tousle through the ends of the hair. This pomade is perfect for using on your hair at the end of a style. It’s high shine (yay!) and low hold, so it helps press down those flyaways and combating frizz without making your locks looks stiff. I also love the smell. It’s amazing even on its own.

Trick 2: The Hairspray / Comb Combo

A hairspray / comb combo is another amazing trick for eliminating those flyaways. Carefully spray a comb, or even a toothbrush, with a touch of hairspray. Then easily comb down those stray hairs. Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode is one of my favorite products. It provides hold but leaves your hair soft and not in the least bit sticky or heavy. It’s definitely not one of those maximum hold hairsprays for up-dos, and that’s precisely why I love it.

Trick 3: Clear Mascara

A clear mascara is the ultimate flyaway trick. Simply brush the mascara through your hair directly on the flyaways and voila, no more mini hairs! This is one of my favorite hair tricks, and you can even take the mascara out with you at night, for mid-night bathroom touchups. It’s the best when you have your hair up, and you want to clear those smaller hairs off of your neck, or even if you have a strong center or side part, and you really want the hairs to cooperate. Maybelline’s clear mascara is just the best!

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