How to Bathe like a (Detox) Princess

How to Bathe like a (Detox) Princess

10.05.2014    |    
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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been so into baths. I would wake up each morning before school, and start my day with a long, hot bath instead of taking a shower. But let’s be honest – I think it was because I wanted those few extra minutes of bath time z’s before trudging off to school. Baths are just that relaxing.

My bath philosophy as a little girl was always the more bubbles, the better. Now my baths are very different. Now it’s all about the detox. There’s just something about the concept of detoxing (whether it’s in the form of teas, juices or beauty products) that I am just SO interested in these days.

Detox, or Epsom salt baths are wonderful for so many reasons. First off, they create the loveliest warming sensation, which is perfect for those cold winter days when you can’t seem to shake off the chills. Epsom salts also help release your body’s toxins (which is super important if you live in a polluted city), tensions, muscle pain and soreness, swelling, bloating, water weight and stress. Perfect way to prep the week before a big event. They also ease insomnia, which is perfect for those of us who could use some good sleep. Take a long bath, chug a huge bottle of cold water, and by the time you are out and finishing your skincare routine, you will be ready to pass the f out. You will not only fall asleep quicker, but also sleep so much deeper.

By adding Epsom salts to your bath, you can turn a typical and not so exciting bathing experience into something so much more. I take a 30-45 minute bath as often as humanly possible (probably 3-4 times a week). They’re the perfect way to unwind. I just feel better afterwards…and lets be honest, you just feel lighter (skinnier) after a detox bath. Even Liv Tyler raves about her love of baths here, and who doesn’t want to be like Liv?

This is my recipe for the perfect detox bath:

– Half a box (2 lb) to a full box (4 lb) of Epsom salts (you can get at the drugstore).

– A big scoop of coconut oil – This prevents your body from being totally dried out because of all the salt. I really like La Tourangelle that I bought at Lifethyme.

– A few drops of essential oil – Right now I am really into Hope Gillerman’s Oils. Her Sleep Remedy is like crack. I also love Lotus Wei. There are all different flavors and scents that you can choose from depending on your mood or needs (take the flower quiz). **Remember that there are generally two ways to go when choosing oils: relaxing (basil, chamomile, lavender, neroli, rose, rosewood, sandalwood, sage and ylang ylang — all ideal choices if you’re plagued by insomnia) and energizing (eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, pine, rosemary and thyme).

– BONUS: If you are really feeling in the mood you can add in a cub of hydrogen peroxide to further aid in removing impurities.

A super luxe alternative to using good ol’ aromatherapy oils is to drop a large dollop of your favorite smelling bath oil into the bath. Mine is Byredo’s newly launched Bal d’Afrique Bath Oil. When combined with a large helping of salts, this is truly the ultimate way to unwind. The oil is housed in a bada** solid glass jar and the sleek round top takes the art of bathing to an entirely new level. Oh yeah, you go there.

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