Holiday Party Clutch Essentials

Holiday Party Clutch Essentials

12.18.2013    |    
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When I pack my little clutch moments before heading out the door for a holiday cocktail party, I am fully aware that I sadly only have room for…the essentials due to the small nature of an evening bag. The last thing you want is a big clunky bag to keep schlepping around the entire evening. You want to feel free and easy when mingling, which is why the items that you choose must be carefully thought-out.

Thankfully, I have done the thinking for you. This past Saturday night here in New York City, I ventured out into a snowy blizzard from my apartment on the Upper East Side to two separate holiday parties in Brooklyn. I left the apartment at about 7pm and returned home around… Well let’s just say, it was damn late! Spending 5, 6, 7 plus hours without a full makeup redo is quite a long time. But just because its 1am in the morning doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice looking your very best. Duh. These are my Holiday Party Clutch Essentials.

My #1 recommendation (and latest obsession) is Make Cosmetics Custom Finish Effects. It’s the ultimate skin saver. This dual texture compact turns tired, blemished skin into fresh, radiant skin in seconds. The peach gel formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores with a gorgeous matte finish. Apply the peach formula on your forehead, chin and wherever else needed. The pink dewy formula glosses skin. You know I love a good glow, and this one is so sick. I apply the pink formula on the brim of my nose, around my eyes, Cupid’s bow and collarbones. Everyone needs to check this out immediately.

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Glosses are to die for. I heart Icon, which is a semi-matte deep red. This shade will convert even the most adamant anti-red lip wearers. Once applied, it almost looks like a stain instead of a gloss, like you sucked on a red lollypop. I am so obsessed, plus the color looks insane in photos.

You simply must give RMS Concealer a try. There’s nothing like a refresher for the under eye area and around the nose. You can apply this virtually mirror-less with you ring finger. Everyone who I make try this concealer gets instantly hooked. RMS Living Luminizer is also a given. I will reapply throughout the night on the brim of my nose and outside my eyes to give me radiant and luminous skin.

Whip out Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Aigle Noir for easy and portable mid-evening application. This jumbo-sized pencil has versatile functionality to shade the lid or line the eye. The creamy texture delivers a smooth, velvety feel to the eye. It’s my go-to for sultry bedtime eyes.

Lastly, remember your rollerball. Net-A-Porter sent me Joya Âmes Soeurs Roll-on Perfume and I am hooked! I also like to pop on Tata Harper’s Aromatic Stress Treatment on top. I know this combo sounds totally odd, but I have never gotten more compliments.

Keep these babies in your clutch for all of your late night holiday party shenanigans and you’re sure to look gorgeous whether it’s 7pm or 7am. Whip these out in the backseat of a cab and your makeup will last all night long!

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