Hampton Sun Sunscreen Love

Hampton Sun Sunscreen Love

04.16.2014    |    
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There are many factors that lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging, but one of the most major causes is too much sun exposure. For this reason, I find myself constantly on the hunt for the best sunscreen out there.

As I’m sure you know, it’s just not that easy. It’s kind of like finding a boyfriend—you really have to be picky (when deciding how to protect your skin). There are so many variables involved, making the decision process quite complicated. First of all, there’s the whole chemical issue. The majority of sunscreens that we all use contain ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. Then there are the more personal preference issues involving smell, application, wearability, durability and, of course, skin breakouts. Also, who wants bad skin while on vacation?

I’ve tried everything from Chantecaille to lesser known organic brands like Suntegrity, and although those have proven to be great sunscreens for the face, I haven’t found anything that is just right for the BOD.

Believe it or not, my facialist Dangene, otherwise known as the “Tracy Anderson of skin care,” suggests using Zinc based products only, wearing big hats and staying in the shade. But, as we all know, this sometimes just isn’t realistic.

This past weekend, I took a mini trip down to Miami for a little R&R (aka rest & rosé) at the beautiful Setai Hotel. My first stop upon checking in, you ask? The spa, of course, for a little product perusing. Stocked with Hampton Sun line, I purchased their SPF 15 Gel that I needed for the beach that same afternoon. Later that day, I tested out the gel and fell in love. The texture feels light and silky and absorbs quickly into the skin giving you a pretty little glow (glow not grease!). I like that its in a spray bottle so you can insure that all your parts are covered. Mixed with Vitamin E, Walnut Oil and Aloe Vera, my skin felt protected yet still able to achieve beautiful color. I left the beach with great color and no redness.

One of the boys in the group I traveled with refused to use sunscreen and wound up with a bright red face. We bought the Hampton Sun SPF 15 Face Cream and, within hours, the redness drastically died down. I’m addicted to this line.

After getting hooked, I tried the Bronze Shimmer Cooling Spray and the Pearl Shimmer Cooling Spray. OMFFFFG. It’s like a burst of sparkling cool water mixed that leaves a shimmering glow or a bronzing sheen on your skin. Both sooth and hydrate the skin using a luxurious cocktail of all natural ingredients. They also enhance the texture and color of your skin, just making everything look better. You could use these on your neck, chest, legs and arms for a night out, or while lounging at the pool. Or simply use them in your real life. I plan to use the Hampton Sun line everywhere, all summer long. The light Privet Bloom scent is quite nice too, which was inspired by the famed privet hedges of the Hamptons.

Get on this, girls, and buy everything. I promise you will love it.

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