I Met Gwyneth Paltrow And She Taught Me How To Make Her Favorite Smoothie

I Met Gwyneth Paltrow And She Taught Me How To Make Her Favorite Smoothie

03.05.2016    |    
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Something out of this world happened today. I met my lifelong idol Gwyneth Paltrow. Like, guys, I really love her. My admiration for the actress-turned-wellness queen goes wayyy back. I was a fan of her movies. I’m talking Sliding Doors, Hush, A Perfect Murder and, of course, Great Expectations. Such classics. Beyond her movies, I was an early fan of Goop. I know it has taken some heat over the years, but I still trust the content and read it often. Plus, I live off of her city recommendations. I used it once the entire time when in Paris. They’re just so good.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Paltrow at the New York press preview of her skincare line Goop by Juice Beauty. She arrived wearing white bell-bottom jeans, super high peep toe heels and a white sheer blouse (was it Chloe?). On top, she was wearing a G. apron, a gift that that all of us editors were told to wear as well. The event was all about inner beauty, so GP decided to give us a cooking class. She showed us how to make her favorite morning smoothie (recipe below) and gave us a taste of why she believes that radiance begins on the inside.

Here’s what the glowing goddess had to say about wellness, her new line and the importance of staying aware of what we put in our bodies:

“[Goop by Juice Beauty] is the result of a lot of very hard work. The reason I wanted to create these products is for the vain part of me. I wanted skincare products that were really effective and would help with hydration and glow and fine lines and wrinkles. And even for someone who is so engaged in the health and wellness community, I could not find products that were organic that were offering me the same results and that really luxurious touch and feel. So, we created this line. More that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, and our beauty and personal care industry, as you know, is completely unregulated… These are the products that we use all day and reapply all day, wash with, moisturize with, and I think that we deserve a lot better, especially as a mother of a girl who is obsessed with makeup and body mist and God knows what. I hope that eventually our government better protects us from what is in the products. But until then, you can use these and know that you are safe and hopefully really pleased with the results.

I do really believe that beauty comes from within, mostly how you feel about yourself and how you express your love of yourself, but also in the form of nutrition and how you take care of yourself from the inside. This is all beautiful magic powder from a company called Moon Juice. There is a woman in LA, named Amanda Bacon and she is like this gorgeous white witch who creates all these amazing, powerful potions and I got really into her stuff. I have it every morning. This is kind of like a very basic base for a smoothie. You can put anything in it, and this is all organic…”

Want to know about Moon Juice? Read my interview with the amazing founder here!

This is GP’s Recipe:

2 cups fruit of choice (bananas, strawberries, mangos, blueberries, blackberries or peaches to name a few…)

1 cup almond milk

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 teaspoon coconut oil

2 tablespoons vanilla mushroom protein powder

1 teaspoon maca

1 teaspoon ashwagandha

1 teaspoon ho shou wu

1 teaspoon cordyceps

1 teaspoon moon dust of choice:

Action Dust to soothe overworked muscles, Beauty Dust for a glowy complexion and healthy hair, Brain Dust to combat mental fogginess, Goodnight Dust when sleep has been evasive, Sex Dust, for, you know, and Spirit Dust to get that extrasensory perception going.

pinch Himalayan sea salt

pinch vanilla powder (optional)

Goop is now for sale at Shen Beauty! Who is excited?!


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