Glowing Green Mermaid Smoothie Bowl
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Glowing Green Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

04.12.2016    |    
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Smoothie bowls are not only fun and super easy to make, but they are filled with all of the healthy fats and essential vitamins you need to sustain a healthy mind, body and beautiful glow. This is one of my favorites because it’s low in sugar and the perfect way to start the day with a boost. I added a few of the tonics included in GP’s Morning Smoothie, because I find that this is a balanced and complete morning combo. You can include whichever tonics and dusts that you like, but this is what I like to add: Beauty Dust and Hi Shou Wu (which are essentially beautifying tonics, working synergistically with the cells to fortify hair, skin and nails), maca (for elevated energy and a better mood), cordyceps (for energy and brain function) and ashwagandha (to calm the bodies physiological and nervous system). Regardless of what all of this means, the taste is incredible, and the bright green color makes this beauty bowl incredibly photogenic.


For the base:

·       1 cup unsweetened almond milk

·       1 ripe banana

·       2 large handfuls of spinach

·       ½ cup frozen strawberries

·       1/8 ripe avocado

·       1 scoop pure unsweetened almond butter

·       1 tsp Moon Juice Brain Dust

·       1 tsp maca

·       1 tsp ashwagandha

·       1 tsp ho shou wu

·       1 tsp cordyceps


·       A few pinches of white chia seeds

·       A few pinches of bee pollen

·       Edible flowers (for added magic)


Blend until smooth. Sprinkle with white chia seeds, bee pollen or anything else you might have on hand. Carefully place edible flowers.

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