Holiday Gift Guide...for Your Girls
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Holiday Gift Guide...for Your Girls

11.19.2014    |    
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Is giving love more important than getting love? I think yes.

This year, I have decided to give gifts to my friends. In the past, I never had time to pull it together or didn’t make the time to get creative enough to come up with something perfect for each and every one of my girls. But recently, I have been reflecting on just how lucky I am to have these girls in my life. I live in New York City, away from my family, and therefore my NYC friends have become my second family.

And in the spirit of giving love, I thought to myself, why not get organized – early this year – and show them how much I care about them by giving the gift of beauty. I’ve really been thinking about this one. I see so many “Holiday Gift Guides,” and they are all so boring, broad and uninteresting. They seem to all just plug random products without thinking of who exactly is going to be receiving the gift.

My beauty focused guide is geared toward the special girls in your life, whether she is in her teens, twenties or sixties. From the cool and cult nail polish of the season, to the best all around lip balm, hand cream, and candles that I think any girl would love. Plus, any of these products can double as sick stocking stuffers. Lots of love and happiness this holiday season, and remember, giving love is more important than getting love.

1. The Ultimate Cuticle Cream:

Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème – An oldie but a goodie for sure. In addition to moisturizing your cuticles and nail beds, this extremely effective cream even encourages nail growth. It’s most definitely a bedside table essential.

2. The Best Red Lip:

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, Train Bleu (a deep aubergine) and Dragon Girl (a vivid siren red) $25 – Thanks to Dannijo Glow Girl Danielle Snyder, I have discovered the perfect matte sultry red combo that any red lip lover would swoon over.

3. The $50 Statement Nail Polish:

Christian Louboutin, Rouge Louboutin $50 – It’s that perfect French girl red. Hands down.

4. The Sparkly Nail Polish:

Smith & Cult, Dirty Baby $18 – Doesn’t get much prettier that this. Plus, this baby lasts forever—no chipping in sight.

5. Pretty Hand Soap:

Kahina Giving Beauty, Argan Soap Trio, Rosemary Lavender $48 – The packaging is off the charts beautiful, so it’s powder room perfect. Plus the smell is amazing.

6. For the Coconut Obsessed:

Lavett & Chin Coconut Moisturizing Facial Mist $32 – As Net-A-Porter’s Mimi Hoesley puts it, “It smells like coconut, and makes me feel like I’m on a beach. I keep it at my desk for a little pick me up. I love coconut and love face mists, so it has my name all over it!” I’m always down to take advice from a Net girl.

7. For Your Friend Who is Super Stressed:

Tata Harper Aromatherapy Treatments $60-$80 – These roller balls have been my lifesavers, instantly calming my mind and senses upon application. These are also great to keep on your bedside table.

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection $58 – I like to use these in the bathtub as an added boost during my weekly detox bath. I instantly feel revived.

8. The Best Luxurious Lip Balm:

By Terry Baume de Rose $60 – Enriched with a signature blend of essential oils including Rose and Castor Seed, as well as Shea Butter, this balm soothes and softens your lips. I can’t get over its glossy but non-greasy finish.

9. For Your Friend Who Needs a Little Dewy Pick-Me-Up:

Rms Beauty Living Luminizer $38 –Every girl needs this in her makeup bag. Nothing can magically highlight the skin like Rms. This formula is the ultimate for creating a sensuous, sheer, luminous glow.

10. The Candles I Want to Smell Forever:

Nest, Pumpkin Chai $34

Byredo, Burning Rose $95

Cire Trudon, Trianon $95

Tom Dixon Eclectic, Orientalist $160

11. For the Traveler:

Byredo La Tulipe Hand Cream $35 – Best packaging, smell and skin quenching moisture. I just heart Byredo.

iomoi  Monogrammed Eye Mask $52 – Monogramed facemasks. Need I say more?

Elizabeth W Sleep Mask $22 – These masks caress and de-stress your eye area while blocking out any unwanted light. It’s perfect for girl who is always up in the air.

12. The Gift of Glow:

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask $55 – This is one of my favorite products. All-natural and non-toxic, this mask doubles as a hand mask and a spot treatment. I use it at the very least once a week and never leave home without it when travelling.

13. Drugstore Scoring:

Eos Lip Balms $2.99 – These are just the best. And at $2.99, get them in a few colors!

And coming soon…

She’s in the Glow Gift Guide for your Mom (or Mother in Law)

She’s in the Glow Gift Guide for your Boyfriend (or Husband)

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Dior Crème Abricot Nail Crème

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Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, Dragon Girl

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Christian Louboutin, Rouge Louboutin

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Smith & Cult, Dirty Baby

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Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Soap Trio, Rosemary Lavender

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Lavett & Chin Coconut Moisturizing Facial Mist

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Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil

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By Terry Baume de Rose

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Rms Beauty Living Luminizer

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Nest, Pumpkin Chai

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Byredo, Burning Rose

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Cire Trudon, Trianon

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Tom Dixon Eclectic, Orientalist

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