How to get the Glossiest Nails...Ever
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How to get the Glossiest Nails...Ever

10.15.2014    |    
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I used this think I was special for bringing in my own nail polish to the nail salon. Now, I’ve taken my hardcore nail dedication to a whole new level. I recently discovered Formula X Nail System and now there’s no turning back. My manicurist thinks I’m insane. Formula X Nail System is a 4 piece set that includes Cleanser, Base Coat, Nail Color of your choice and Top Coat. After one use, I realized the importance of good quality prep, prime and finish products.

When I think “manicure,” my attention immediately focuses on the color. But this was a quick lil’ reminder about the importance of cleanliness, staying power, gloss factor and wear time. These factors are crazy essential, yet somehow often forgotten.

I decided to take the Formula X Challenge, using The System based on the insane Sephora reviews. I actually never bother to read reviews, but something in the stars brought me there, and I knew I needed to test these babies out for myself. You start with the Cleanser, which basically frees the nails of residue and oil and gets the nail prepped for The Base. It dries upon contact. For my color, I choose Curiosity, a bright lipsticky red (I was overwhelmed with the 200 plus colors to choose from!). It must have been that French girl vibe I have been feeling all month. Two coats were applied to achieve the ultimate opaque candy apple red. The Top Coat was super glossy and all ten fingers dried surprisingly quick. I’m talking like lightspeed quickness.

Three days into the manicure, and my nails still look perfect. It’s as close to a gel looking manicure as you can get using normal polish. Five days later, still no chippage! WOWZA. I’m not sure whether it’s the Cleanser or what, but I really like the idea of removing everything from the nail before applying polish. The system is also great, because you can use it with any nail polish color. This is most definitely falling into my “re-buy” beauty category.

Click here to win a chance to receive a free FormulaX System! This contest is open to US residents over 18 and ends on 10/28, (more rules and regulations here).

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