An Ode to Everywhere Gloss
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An Ode to Everywhere Gloss

05.08.2013    |    
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It is my belief, that during these warm spring days, a minimalist beauty routine is the only option. Too much makeup appears cakey, and honestly, who has time to deal? After my morning routine, which includes face wash, toner, vitamin c serum, whatever lotion I am currently obsessing over (mixed in with my Mac Strobe) and eye cream, I wait a few minutes before applying any makeup. When ready, I pop on a tiny bit of concealer (today I’m using by Terry and Cle de Peau), under my eyes, around my nose and wherever else needed. I apply my cream blush, which is my most recent beauty fixation. Last but not least, I pull out my GLOSS. I just love a gloss, because it can be applied virtually everywhere. Many brands carry a traditional gloss, intended for the lips, but what is to stop one from using it on the eyelids, cheeks, brim of nose, or even your color bone! Gloss is a great alternative to eye shadow, because its super easy to apply and gives that hydrated, radiant, clean glow. Using my ring finger, I dab the gloss on my eyelids and brim of nose, and instantly feel fresh and luminous. If using mascara, apply the mascara first, and wait to dry before applying the gloss, being careful not to apply it too close to your lash line.

I have tried all glosses, and the problems that I run across is that some formulas don’t stay put – they run. In worst cases, some products cause eye irritation or are too sticky and heavy. I have pulled together the best of the best that can be used virtually everywhere.

#1 By Terry Or de Rose Balm

#2 Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm (Jar)

#3 Aquaphor 

#4 Mac Chenman Love and Water Gloss

Secret tip: at night, if I’m wearing something where my collar bones are visible, I blot gloss directly on my collar bones and blend towards my shoulders. Its super sexy, trust me.



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By Terry Rose Balm

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Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm (Jar)

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Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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MAC ChenMan Love & Water Gloss

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