Everything You Need to Know About Oils for Your Skin and Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Oils for Your Skin and Hair

08.13.2016    |    
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Let’s face it, women love oils. With their alluring packaging and heavy glass bottles, they can instantly transform even the smallest or dingiest of bathrooms. The come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes and their functions vary. The only problem is, the market has become so saturated with them, it’s hard to know which ones really work and which don’t.

I myself am oil obsessed. I love nothing more than to take a bath with a splash of oil (this one in fact) and then slather oil all over my body before bed. In the morning I feel like a scientist mixing drops of oil in with my lotion or cream for added glow. At night, even when I am too lazy to double cleanse, I’ll usually just stick to washing off the day with one of my favorite oil cleansers.

I still think that one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding oils is that they can make you breakout. In reality, most oils actually work to regulate the skin’s overproduction of oil. Overproduction of oil = acne craziness. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to try an oil on your face. Some of the best ones are packed with powerful ingredients that can actually improve your skin.

These are my favorites:

Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil – I have been using this baby for years and it’s the best. After I shower, I use a drop and a half on the shaft and ends of my hair, and I love the way it feels after it dries. I can actually feel a difference when I travel and I don’t have the oil with me. Second runner up is Bumble’s Hair Dressers Oil. They actually just launched a new mask which I am dying to try too.

Pai Age Confidance Facial Oils – I love Pai. It’s natural and organic, but it’s got some high-tech shi* in there that will actually change your skin for the better. This is one of their hero products. It’s got a supercharged dose of vitamins, omegas and essential nutrients guaranteed to optimize skin health and restore your natural radiance. I use it day and night mixed in with my normal moisturizer.

Rodin Lavender Oil – No one does packaging quite like Rodin…but it’s what inside that keeps us wanting for more. If you’re going to invest in one product for your bathroom counter, it’s this. The brand’s new lavender scent is oh so heavenly. I save mine for special occasions.

Riddle Tuberose – Riddle is my newest fragrance obsession. I just heard about this Abbot Kinney-based brand and after they sent me some samples I was immediately hooked. I actually like it so much that I am offering you girls a discount. Use the code RIDDLEGLOW for my own personal discount. I love the + Santal and the Scented Oil. Both work with your own body chemistry to give you a unique and super addicting scent.

Uka Nail Oils – I once heard that the best way to heal dry cuticles, peeling nails and even get your nails to grow faster is to use a nail oil every night, instead of a lotion. Oils actually absorb into the nail, unlike lotions and creams. This Japanese-based brand does it best, and their rollerball nail oils also double as perfumes.

Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil – Jessica Richards first recommended this brand to me when I asked her about the best brands for acne prone skin. According to Jess, “It’s a natural skincare brand that specifically targets sensitive and acne-prone skin.” I don’t have issues with acne, but I use this oil because of it’s calming properties that tone down red and irritated skin.

Coqui Coqui Bath Oil – Coqui Coqui’s all-natural Coco Coco Bath Oil is relaxation in a bottle. Inspired by the lush scents of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, this formula can be used as a massage oil, or added to a tub of warm water for the most incredible bathing experience. The hints of coconut in the fragrance are to die for.

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