Easter Egg Nails

Easter Egg Nails

04.17.2014    |    
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Spring into pastels with these two Easter egg nail looks from the adorably cute Jin Soon Choi, (Founder of the JINsoon Nail Lacquer line). I love her. We met each other backstage earlier this year and totally inspired me. So just in time for Easter weekend, this is how to get these incredibly cute Easter egg candy colored nails.

1. File and shape your nails in a natural square or roundish shape. I call it “roundish square.”

2. Apply a good base coat like JINsoon Power Coat.

3. Apply your favorite pastel pink on the entire nail bed. JINsoon Dolly Pink is pretty perfect.

4. Apply a pastel blue, like JINsoon Poppy Blue, about 2/3rd’s of the way from the top of the nail, closer to the cuticle area, creating a few curved lines and filling in to the tip of the nail.

5. For a three-toned look, apply a third contrasting color over the blue in the same manner as you applied the blue. I would suggest a lavender color like JINsoon French Lilac.

6. Finish with a super shiny top coat like Formula X for Sephora Top Coat.

So this way you can have your candy and eat it too. Happy Easter, beauty mavens!

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