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Although detox tea is a growing trend here in the US, they’ve been around for hundreds of years in Europe and Asia. They contain a special blend of herbs that help cleanse your body of all the built up toxins that make us look and feel sluggish. Remember – or don’t remember – that third margarita from last night?

I’m the first to admit that I’m far from perfect with my diet and I can go all in on some vino and chocolatey dessert. BUT the next day I will try to get my balance back in order with the help of a good sweat, LOTS of water and detox tea.

The benefits are both immediate and long term. Detox teas will increase your metabolism for the day and help with better toxin elimination overnight. You’ll notice clearer skin and better digestive health overall as you incorporate them into your routine over time. Lots of people also use it to help kickstart weight loss. Of course, if you add a good workout regimen and a healthy diet to that, the effects will be even better. I do hot yoga and dance 4-5 days a week and try (key word: TRY!) to eat as clean as possible when I’m not socializing, so I can indulge and not worry too much about it when I’m out with friends.

Keep an eye out for ingredients like mate, chicory root, dandelion, and burdock root, which are all extremely cleansing and beautifying. Over the years I’ve tried many detox teas. There’s the Yogi Detox Tea and MateFit Tea that are great, and I just discovered the Kusmi Paris BB Detox and Teatox Tea from The Detox Market which I’m drinking now. The Detox Market in LA is my FAVORITE place for all things organic beauty and detox and I’m actually going to be trying one of their Clean Program Cleanse soon, so wish me luck and stay tuned for a post on my experience and results! Sayonara to that pesto pasta for now!

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