The beginner's guide to day makeup

The beginner's guide to day makeup

05.08.2017    |    
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Before dragon brows, contouring or self-tanning, there is one look that every girl and woman needs to understand: natural, easy day makeup. I’d considered it the hallmark of my look. A little concealer, a powder to set and prevent the oily look, a pink or clear glossy full pout — I opt for this vibe each and every day. It’s an approach all my girlfriends prefer too. We’re constantly sharing tips, from the products we’re obsessing over to the tricks that make our lives easer. Even for girls who are not total beauty addicts, this article is for you.

I thought it was about time to share what I’ve learned and practiced over the years with you. Some of my current faves are new and some are old. Consider this list your ultimate cheat sheet to no-fuss day (to night) makeup. These are the 8 essential makeup products that every girl should take for a spin…

Primer – This is the barrier between your skincare and your makeup. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Anti-Aging Primer is my newest and my most favorite discovery. The whole point of this tiny tube is to enhance the look of makeup while caring for your skin. It’s enriched with antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Pearl Pigments that give you the perfect glow.

Concealer – It All. Starts. Here. I consider this one the most important – if not the most important – of all the makeup products. Always look for a formula with a natural finish. Concealers can be heavy, cakey and dry. Steer clear of these. Go for something lightweight. For me, I switch between RMS “Un” Cover-up and Omorovicza’s Mineral Concealer with Vitamin C.

Mascara – I’m really into thick, bushy lashes and only apply mascara at the base of my lashes. I like to make the lash look full as opposed to long. This leaves me with a cool French girl vibe. Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara delivers just this.

Eye Brow Pencil – This is essential for filling in holes and perfecting the shape of your brows. Bold brows (more on achieving that here) are essential to pulling this entire fresh-faced look off. I still can’t find anything better than Surratt’s refillable brow tool.

Eye Brow Brush – After filing in your brows, brush them up and out. This ups the fullness factor and gives you an effortless finish. Boy Brow is the best. We all know it.

Eye Liner – I love a thin liquid line during the day. It’s just so chic – and also French. I like Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen because one side has a micro brush for super easy to manage application and oh, Maybelline’s version which is also one of the best.

Setting Powder – This keep you from looking greasy without compromising on your lit-from-within-glow. It will also make all of your makeup last longer. RMS makes a lovely version and it comes in clear or tinted versions for a hint of color.

Lip Balm – Dry lips are just a no no. Enough said. I discovered the BEST balm you guys by Image Skincare. It legit looks like I got lip injections and it tastes delicious and doesn’t leave any of that weird taste. All I can say is this is best world’s best lip balm. For something matte and for a little color, Dior Matte Lipstick in Classic is my favorite and it’s what I am wearing in these pics.

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