The Busy People Smoothie

The Busy People Smoothie

04.14.2016    |    
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I am well aware that smoothie making isn’t for everyone. I clearly love it. Ahem Green Glowing Mermaid smoothie bowl. But for many of you, creating a smoothie is not only super time consuming, but an intimidating and even anxiety provoking feat. You’ve got to be organized, have all the proper ingredients at hand and know the rough amounts of which to use. You also need, well, time. Even the simplest of smoothies can take around 15 minutes including cleanup. And then there’s the dusts, the vitamins and the elixirs, that create a whole new level of confusion. I am talking to you Gwyneth and your ho shou wu.

For those of you who want the smoothie, but not the work – I have a magical solution for you: Daily Harvest.

Here’s how it works. They deliver frozen, ready-to-blend whole ingredient smoothies to your door. All you have to do is add a liquid base (like unsweetened almond or hemp milk) and blend. No guesswork, no prepping, no waste, no mess. There are only 40-150 calories per serving and they include all different types of superfoods from matcha to hemp. Everything is organic (thank you Lord) and unrefined and you get to choose how many smoothies you want and how frequently you want them. I am sure they are all good but my favorite flavors are Matcha Colada, Peaches for Me and Mornin’ MoJoe. I’ll even add in some Moon Juice Beauty or Brain Dust into my smoothies for that extra kick.

For those who are working on that perfect Instagram shot, or simply want to impress their friends, Daily Harvest ensures that what you are making tastes amazing, and also this way you can put more effort into the design on top, aka the best part.

PS – I’ve got good news. Use my special code BLENDEASY for 25% #boom between now and June 6th.

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