How to Wear Fendi-Inspired Colorful Eyeliner in Real Life
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How to Wear Fendi-Inspired Colorful Eyeliner in Real Life

01.16.2015    |    
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As the temperatures continue to drop and the forecast shows no signs of sunshine, it’s easy to feel caught in a winter slump. Your beauty routine is often affected by this seasonal dip in mood, as cloudy skies carry on for days and you’re left feeling completely uninspired. We’ve all been there, especially after the holidays when it feels like there’s nothing left to look forward to in the coming months. (I mean, how are you supposed to feel excited when you’ve just sworn off all sweets and junk food for your New Year’s resolution?! Brutal.)

Fear not. Although you may be dreading your new diet or feeling completely swamped getting back into your post-holiday back-to-normal routine, there is a little something you can try in the beauty department that is sure to lift your spirits: color. Just because winter is in full swing does not mean you have to resist experimenting with brighter hues and daring trends from the runways. Girls who are creative enough to add an unexpected splash of color to their wintery looks are just oh so chic.

Naturally, the eyes are the perfect place for pops of color. If done right, color can open the eyes, drawing attention to our most intimate and striking features. My favorite uses of eye-popping color occurred during the Spring ’15 shows, specifically at Fendi. Makeup artist Peter Philips used strips of baby blue leather (yes, leather) to line the upper lashes. Talk about serious beauty innovation.

Since I don’t have any spare leather strips hanging around, I went a slightly different direction with the use of color. Still inspired by the look at Fendi, I used a deep blue long-wear eye pencil for a dramatic liner look that can easily go from day to night. It’s subtle, but still sexy and undoubtedly chic. It’s also great if you’re looking to be a little more adventurous with your winter beauty look. If you’re at all like me, I tend to always end up in black when it’s cold outside, so this little pop of color is exactly what I need to spice things up. While this trend can certainly be rocked in the winter, I have a crazy feeling this look will be huge for spring.

The effect of the look is incredibly cool and surprisingly easy to achieve at home. Color speaks for itself, so the rest of your face should be clean, minimal, and dewy. Well, of course.

Here’s how to rock colorful eyes for winter:

Start with clean skin: The girls at Fendi showed off incredibly polished skin. You should too. Skip the blush and go for some highlighter instead, like RMS for more of a glow or Benefit for shimmer.

Sculpt your brows: There’s nothing like a bold brow (draw some inspiration from Oscar PR Girl herself!) to complement clean skin. Use your brows to frame and enhance the main attraction—your colorful eyes—and keep them in place with a brow gel. I like Eyeko’s tinted version, but a clear version will also do.

Moisturize lips: Naked-looking lips also shift attention to the color on your eyes. But chapped lips are a no go for this style, so you need to keep your pout full of moisture and looking plump. During the winter, I like Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix for extreme weather conditions and Ilia’s Lip Conditioner in Balmy Days is perfect for the all-natural princess. Both are extremely soothing and smell amazing. And because I can never have too many lip treatments in my bag at once, I also must rave about Tata Harper’s Be True Lip Treatment. It’s another non-toxic gem, and really does keep your lips soft and supple for hours.

Tame the mane: I think this look is incredible with sleek hair. Pull your hair off of your face, try the ‘wet hair’ look, or go for a polished pony, which is what I went for.

Prep the eye area: To make sure the color not only pops, but really lasts, apply a primer to the eye area. I like the Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base by NARS, because it’s lightweight, dries quickly, and is sure to hold things in place.

Applying the color: You’re going to need something super pigmented and layerable to get a good color burst.  I am totally in love with the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner by NARS in Abbey Road. It’s super rich and gives that dramatic Fendi effect. I love using a soft liner pencil for this look because it feels creamy on the lid and creates a line that’s a little imperfect and lived-in. So chic. To apply, start from the inner corner of your eye and sketch a line that extends to your eye’s outer corner. Retrace the line a couple times to get a super deep shade. You can thicken the line, extending the arc of the liner upward, to add intensity. I added a little cat eye wing to make things interesting.

Story by Editor Lexi Tollefsen.

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