Cindy Crawford's Secret Tip for Perfect Brows
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Cindy Crawford's Secret Tip for Perfect Brows

10.04.2015    |    
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Cindy Crawford is the ultimate supermodel. Her career has been going strong for 34 years, and it seems like it’s only getting started. Cindy is now adding author to her resume with the launch of her first book Becoming. The book is a collection of her most unforgettable photos as well as a diary of personal essays. Judging by the cover, it’s hard to believe Cindy is turning 50 next year. Are we even surprised?

I recently met Cindy for the first time at her book signing in New York City. I can honestly say was as stunning in person as she was in pictures. She looked like a woman who has really taken care of herself. Her hair was the thickest most beautiful mane I’ve ever seen and her skin was glowing. While she might have gotten a Botox treatment here and there, her face looked essentially wrinkle-free, glowing and natural. She was also extremely tall and thin but in a super fit way. The best part? She was smart, kind and incredibly personable. Let’s just say, I loved her.

At the event I was given two minutes to ask her anything I wanted. This is what went down. I spoke with Cindy (@cindycrawford) and her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo (check him out on Insta @hungvanngo, he’s super famous!), and asked her a couple few questions. The pair gave me amazing insight into Cindy’s career. They also shared with me the most incredible tip…

Annie: What was the best part about modeling in the 90’s?

Cindy Crawford: Oh gosh! I love to travel and learning about the world, but especially the world of fashion. I think if anything, it’s the relationship that you make with the different hair and makeup artists, the stylists, and the photographers. These people become your family. I moved to New York from a small town and I didn’t have my family close by. So these are the people you are with day in and day out. They are a lot different than people I grew up with. And through that exposure, you realize people are just people. It opened my eyes to all different types of humans.

Annie: What is your personal secret to achieving healthy and thick brows?

Cindy: Don’t over tweeze when you’re young because they don’t always grow back. I tell this to my daughter. And Hung Vanngo, who I am working with today, does the most amazing eyebrows. Instead of using a traditional pencil or powder liner, he uses more of a marker, and literally draws in every single hair so look is completely natural and buildable. There is still space between the hairs, and the product becomes stuck on the eyebrow.

Annie: Okay, I have to ask him what he uses.

Cindy: He’s right here. Hung, “Annie wants to know about eyebrows.”

Hung Vanngo: It’s an eyebrow marker, but it doesn’t exist anymore.

Annie: Oh, so it’s marker that you draw on the hair?

Cindy: They’re going to be in his new line.

Hung: Haha, yes! I’m going to recreate it, but it doesn’t exist anymore.

Cindy: Hung, but how would real people do that then?

Hung: You’re painting the skin, but you draw individual hair by hair.

Cindy: You draw hair by hair as opposed to filling in. 

Annie: But what kind of product would I use, like a marker or a brow marker?

Hung: Every brand carries them right now. I know Anastasia and Eyeko have something like that. But the one I have, it’s more softer built so it’s easier to draw than the other ones. 

Annie: Thank you both! This is major.

Get the look: I suggest using Eyeko Brow Liner. It’s waterproof and designed with a precision brush tip so it can fill in sparse areas, shape and define to perfection. Just make sure to shake the pen before each use.

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